a quick quick quickie ;)

Although life is real messy right now and its about to get busy & dramatic! I did take the weekend out to actually have a lot of fun. Ill get to that later in the post. BUT lets just say Monday i'm officially back to work! SEMI-WORK. Actually because I'm on a medical leave it is time off with pay but I just feel so worthless.. like I'm doing NOTHING! Which in my eyes makes me worse lol. I just always have to be doing something or else I'd feel like a bum! But anyways Monday I'm starting to work from home hopefully it goes good. I know it'll be harder but easy at the same time being its from the comfort of my bedroom ahha. Emails & calls is what I'll be doing. Its weird but I actually miss work :/ EKKK! :( it is a good thing that I'm not surrounded by all that negativity right no especially cause we all damn sure know that I don't need no more negative shit in my life!

ANYWAYS!! just thought I'd update the world on the fact that I'm actually about to be doing something instead of sitting on my ass getting fat lol literally! OHHH! And I got a new piercing :) man this weekend was a good one.. but the post with all the pictures + excitement will come... later ;)

I do wanna say thank you so much to LALA for taking the time to sit and talk with me in a moment were I thought I would lose my mind! This girl is simply amazing! I'm glad the fact we have our blog together now is bringing us closer.. because it's got me opening up and seeing a whole different side of an amazing person. Ty babe :)! OHHHH and She's currently doing a “Love Your Body Month” which is completely inspiring and amazing. She has a way to reach you and touch your damn soul! She just an overall amazing person who deserves nothing but the best! ♥ Be sure if you aren't following her to go right ahead and do that ! and also take a look and follow TORONTO, CALIFORNIA ( our baby ) hehe.



  1. Yay! Im sure ur guna love working from home LOL thats everyones dreammm haha. & piercing?! I need to see this pictures from the weekend LOL!

    & LALA is freaking amazingggg. <3

  2. such a love! Thank you, for being you and for sharing with me! You don't have to thank me love that's what friends are for! :) I'm always here, always! & remember YOU come first! Congrats on the work I know it will make you feel a lot better! love you

  3. i hope everything works out fine for you mama.