basically i've fallen apart..

Recently lifes been throwing me nothing but fire balls. In the past week I experienced one of the worst things someone could ever face... ONCE AGAIN. And I can stand here saying i'm completely tired although I know that wont put it to an end. No matter what I do im in a lose lose. All alone.. like always. I have to somehow find positivity in me.. deep down because i'm gonna need it just to hold on.

But moving on to even worse news. My uncles ( you know the ones thats been in the hospital ) well the doctors let us know that they're giving him 3 months to live. Yes I know that people outlive it by a life time.. months.. weeks.. days. Its just the thought that a doctor put a time limit on his life.. isnt life worth so much more? Im torn apart.

Anyways BRI'S idea to have a banner link to everyone's page is amazing. Yes bri I completed the task and made 3 different ones :) ( there will be more.. trust me ). but for now if you follow.. love or support my blog link this on your blog & direct me to yours so I can add you to my bar :]


  1. I'm always here for you doll, stay strong!

    You are NEVER alone! ox

    love you

  2. sorry about your uncle and what you're going through.. whatever it is that you are going through..remember there is light at the end of every tunnel. you are the driver of your wheel.
    as for your uncle, keep your faith. things will work out the way they are suppose to. it is family so it hurts more but this lady i worked with was told she had 6months to live due to cancer..she is going on her 10th month. the power of prayer is amazing.

  3. Im so sorry about your uncle. And dont feel alone. Like LaLa said, Im here for you whenever you need someone love!

  4. i love these! i added one to my profile!

  5. i'm also really sorry with what's going on. i hope for the better love.

  6. sometimes we have to watch our world fall apart to create opportunities to rebuild. Keep your head up dear!

    And about your Uncle. PRAY. Doctors are human. and they can make mistakes. But if they are right make sure you don't find yourself in 3 months regretting his last 3 months. Tell him you love him. Help him LIVE.

  7. and i added your button to my site! (i love this song on your blog too!)

  8. thank you all <3
    i'll try and keep my hea dup and keep the best thoughts in mind.

    Chymere i added your button :) and thank you mama!
    the song is BEAUTIFUL!!! i love it too :)

  9. i hope things get better for you boo!! i'm here if you need, you been there for me when i was going through my situation so you know i got you!!! and i need to make a banner but i dont think i know how.. lol.

    i love you keys!

  10. thanks jasmine! <3
    all you do is cut it a certain way any way or resize it!