weekend recap!!!!!!!!

This weekend turned out to be pretty drama filled! What else is new? Starting off Thursday me & Steph went to do some grocery shopping and my sister randomly ended up being there! She dropped us home and proceeded to go get the kids from daycare & after school program. Well the first turn she made on the road she ended up running over something metal that punctured her tire and it began smoking and all that. They've been doing a lot of construction on the road and DONT ever clean up how they should. Here she is having to do a run around because its 5:15 by down and both kids have to be picked up by 6! I ended up getting Kiara and she got jade but its just crazy that shit like this ALWAYS and I mean always happens to her. I really don't know if shes jinxed but in ever situation she comes out with the short stick. SMH!

Friday me & Steph were hanging out drinking. The whole night she was hinting that she wanted to go out and the type of person Steph is she wont stop until you cave or until she can see you're irritated! Anyways as the night went on she kept talking to her one friends Courtney ( it was her birthday ) Of course me I wasn't gonna go regardless simply because I don't know Courtney OR her friends. I tend to enjoy avoiding awkward situations. ANYWAYS what I said to her was “you can go if you want.. but I'm not going” She followed that up with “you're my best friend I wouldn't leave you” I bet you can guess that she went right? YUP! I wasn't mad that she went either but I think its pretty fucked up on her whole friend part..especially considering she just said she wouldn't! But karma comes around and she ends up walking in sick as hell. She went and puked all over so she wanted to come back. BWAH! After that the night turned messy so MOVING ON!

Saturday went something like this.. I wanted to go somewhere to have dinner so I was telling my mom that we need to go out especially since we haven't been for the longest while. I wasn't to go to Swiss Chalet which is like a home style rotisserie & grill place. Anyways randomly Steph calls and wants to go to the exact same place and considering my mom & Steph's moms are friends we kinda made it a outing. It was our first time doing something like that and it was real relaxing and nice :) mos def something were planning on doing again. I got the garlic loaf appetizer that I shared with like everyone! I for the first time got the ribs too they were actually REALLY good! Even though I'm not a rib person.. oh and of course I got fries but made them a poutine :] mmmm.. It was real good and way too filling!

nom nom nom !!!

But of course the drama has to come in right? So my older brother has been staying with me because of problems with his girlfriend. The relationship I have with him is weird I mean he kinda lives in his own world. I wont hear from him for months and then randomly talk to him everyday... its weird! But anyways! My brother has always had a problem with my sisters boyfriend which makes no sense but we think its jealously? IDK? And my sisters always had a problem with my brothers girlfriend which makes sense because shes a snakeISH shit talking two faced bitch LOL. ANYWAYS when it comes to family gatherings my brothers girlfriend ALWAYS has to come ( why? We still don't know ) especially since shes always a bitch and annoying. My sisters boyfriend never comes out of respect ( and doesn't want unnecessary drama to pop off ). So regardless it's not fair to my sister or her boyfriend. My sister and brother got in a HUGE argument yesterday because my brother finally came out and admitted that he doesn't like her boyfriend but has no valid reasons in a twist my sister attacked him about his girlfriend and of course it turned ugly. I'm with my sister 100% though on this. His girlfriend has changed him so much ( and pulled him away on purpose.. spiteful bitch ) that he doesn't even know how to defend her because even he knows whatever my sister was saying is right.. he just wont admit to it. Especially since my brothers the type that's right even when hes wrong. AHHHH this is gonna carry on for days :(


  1. drama never seizes to exists! ha ha. the food looks yummy :)

  2. ahhhh drama sucks! Just beat bitches up, that's what i say! And eat! lol that food looks amazing!

  3. WOOW what an eventful weekend! Atleast you had a nice and relaxing Sunday - first part- LOL! I'm sorry about your brother, im sure everything will die down soon. LOVE YOU!

  4. oh yes lizzy. its just horrible!

    haha sylvia! the food was soo deelish! ohh mann!

    bri babe <3 it was crazy up and down. i hope it will die down. but knowin my family.. nope haha

  5. That's family mama, love or hate it that's the way it goes I have 4 sisters and let me tell you we have times where we don't talk at all but no matter what they are my girls ans i love them! Just know I can be your sister too ;) love ya