i'm leaving msgs & voicemail's telling you i miss you.. baby am i doing too much?

As bad as it sounds i've always been the girl people hated. More so for what I had and what I always got.. literally if I wanted something I would get it. For example if there was a boy I was feeling i'd get him in a fucking second.. literally. If I want that purse or those shoes .. I got it. Just like that! I never once had to do the whole “chase me dance” with someone. I just knew that once dude knew I was feeling him he'd be weak for me. I'm not tryna sound all cocky or shit but it was just that easy. UNTIL my boyfriend of course. His nonchalant attitude for my looks attracted the hell out of me. I was about to step into a place I never thought I would go and more so never ever would want to buttttt he was something special.. something different. I literally began tryna find anything just to get a response from him. He was one of those one word people you know? The type that you can type a paragraph to in full detail and he'd be like “cool” or “okay”. It irked the shit out of me and I wanted to scream + punch him in the face! Everything in me told me to stop tryna push up on him.. that I just needed to back up BUT I just couldn't. Pretty soon a conversation involving a lot of other people but ending with me & him put me on to a side of him where I knew when I woke up the next morning I wanted to talk to him. I was hooked! Little by little ( well obvious as hell ) I was flirting with him every chance I got. And MANNN he straight up rejected me MANY TIMES! But it took him being in Vegas for 1 week for me to fall head over heels in love with him. I went from the girl who got chased to the one chasing and I loved every second of it. Even though the time I opened up and told him exactly how i'm feeling for him I got straight up rejected and it burned like hell but I had to take it. Cause I mean what if right then at that very moment I told myself I wasn't even gonna bother no more? There would be no us right now! What I'm tryna say from this is don't just accept anything coming your way. Work for the amazing things waiting for you. Cause in the end it'll all be worth it. Just look at me :] i'm shining!

i love you baby!
KD ♥


  1. AMEN AMEN AMEN. My bf is also like 'those' guys. Haha. I was always the one getting chased, now, I'm the one who's chasing. I know that it's worth it because it just feels so right. I told him I love him, and he said ok. HAHA. Yes, it hurt, but shit, in the long run, I know that he'll love me in return. He already probably does, but he's just scared of vulnerability, just like everybody else.

    It's understandable the life doesn't give out instant gratifications.

  2. tooooo sweet! I love it! & you are so right!!! Glad everything worked out love :) & u are shinning!

    ps. email me (adelamavila@gmail.com) I want to ask you a question! :)

  3. mikki trust me! it will be perfect in the end and then some! and i agree he probably does love you but is scared. it'll come and when he does finnaly come out and say it you'll melt on the spot! :]

    thanks lala babe <3 hehe and i emailed you!

  4. Yeahhh. Lol. He said just because he doesn't say it, it doesn't mean it's not there. =p

  5. "...Work for the amazing things waiting for you. Cause in the end it'll all be worth it..."

    I LOVE IT!!! and I'm going through this know...the unusual chasing lol but wow this is great. You made me feel better about "the game" we all play at some point. i love that man. sigh. lol

  6. I love this post! I think alot of people can relate to having to work for what you REALLY want, and that satisfaction of getting in the end.The best things in life aren't free :) I used to like being chased, i mean, what girl doesn't?! But once I discovered the smushy bear, i was on the hunt LMAO! & its been four years of victory <3

  7. it's true mikki! but we all knwo thats the one thing every girl wants to hear!

    chymere babe you'll never be going thru something alone! theres always someone out there that can relate to it <3

  8. aw bri <3 4 years and many more to come ! <3