here's to good eats

I'm finally tacking my biggest problem which is eating unhealthy. Considering the fact that its so convenient to grab a burger and go or a bag of chips makes it hard especially if your always on the go. Not only from this am I feeling like shit at the end of the day with absolutely no energy but I AM gaining weight. Don't get me wrong I'm not a diet or anything like that I'm just completely changing my eating habits to feel better. I ate burger king about 2 days ago and got a touch of food poisoning I shouldn't even say a touch considering it had me hugging the toilet all night and in unbearable pain. I was recommended to drink nothing but clear fluids and when my body can handle those fine to move on to small food like bread.. rice.. etc. what else is new right? Always something going wrong ! But then again all the more reason to start my healthy shit. Anyways I went grocery shopping yesterday and spent a total of $32 but really got my moneys worth considering buying healthy is kinda expensive. I just got the basics but I'll be buying little buy little :] the main thing I'm gonna love about eating healthy is the fact that you just feel so much cleaner and better! So anyways here I goooooo! :]

[ apple juice . salad dressing .buns . pita bread . lettuce . cauliflower . pears . apples . tomatoes . carrots . cucumber . broccoli . garlic . jello . turkey meat . croutons . thin crackers . special k bars . and a roast! ]


  1. I'm so proud of you babes!! Your body will thank you! TRUST ME! If you need any good health recipes let me know! love ya have a great weekend!

  2. tell me about it I eat unhealthy all the time
    noo good

  3. everything looks yum and healthy! i love special K and carrots!