he say i'm bad… he prolly riiiightttt.

Man it doesn’t take a lot for me to become real “secluded” if that’s what you wanna call it? Its not that I sit around and try and get sympathy from people cause that’s the last thing I do but if I think you SHOULD care about how im feeling or whatever and you show no interest im not gonna sit around and beg you to do so. It should come natural. I mean when you care about someone their health and well being should be somewhat a concern of yours. But it takes NOTHING for me to just hold back from people its so easy I’ve been doing it for way to long.. and its always when you pull back is when they instantly become interested nahhh life doesn’t work like that. Heres me saying basically I’m back to my “ I need to worry about me, myself and I ” because theres no one that’s gonna care for myself like I would. I really don’t need the approval of anyone in the choices I make so regardless my nonchalant attitude is what im rolling with these days and im sure people around me have noticed. I just don’t give a fuck no more mannnn and its working!

I got real sick the past weekend and had to go to the hospital considering I kept puking. While I had to have that activated carbon because the medication I was under had a bad reaction on my body so immediate discontinued use was needed! Of course but I was in serious pain because I couldn’t take no pills :] ANYWAYS I seen my family doctor today and he gave me a referral to a specialist which I what I need to get down to the root problem. I suffer server migraines and my doctor always prescribes me medication because over the counter shit doesn’t work so here I am with T3’S hhmmm.. LOL I mean these shit have you feeling like a million bucks like your flying HIGH as hell considering the fact it has some serious codeine in it. This shit is ADDICTIVE as hell for that exact reason. Well well just say I’ll be feeling good as hell the next few weeks :] haha.


  1. awe mama! :\ sorry you were feeling so bad! You were letting it out in that first paragraph let em know mama! I hope you get better, lots of rest and water!! :) sending love and happy thoughts!

  2. thanks mama :)
    you sweeet muffin! haha :]