excuse the random rant.

Honestly this is just a real random blog to pass the time. Im watching the new episode of Greys anatomy ( which is on commercial ) and i'm waiting for sugar lumps to get out the shower. We have a movie night planned ( The Lovely bones & The Fourth Kind ) I mean thats if he'd hurry his smelly ass up!

Here we go finally! I mean my blog of course its been in that “revamp” stage for way to long cause i had absolutely no idea what to do with it BUT here we go. I took a few of my 365 images and turned it into a header and I can say finally I'm happy with it :] ha! I have been rethinking my whole blog situation though.. its not like I wanna shut my blog down or anything because at this very moment that's the last thing I would do. I just have no clue if I should leave it the way I have it now or make it more photographyISH. Meaning posting nothing but photography and stuff along those lines. I would go the 2 blog route but I tried that before and one always got neglected so I merged them together AKA the birth of this blog. This really is a big ass dilemma for me lol honestly it may seem like a easy decision but I just don't know what to do. To keep blog the same or to “photographize” LOL :] hmmm

I've been doing a lot of what I was talking about wanting to do ( if that makes any sense ) i've gotten out and about to take more pictures and I wanted to do this for a while but I just have been feeling like shit lately and didn't have the energy in me to do so. By the way i'm loving the way the pictures are coming out pretty much amazing. My 365 is looking more “outsideISH” which is good ! Haha. The weather is real wet and messy but it's a good wet and messy! Speaking on 365 i'm looking to find more blogs who are doing the project I mean it's an amazing project and I love to see the layout of others peoples. This post is literally all over the place haha but its a good thing I guess.. I mean not really but whatever!

btwwww, formspring me !


  1. i really love your new layout!!!

  2. KEEP IT THE SAME! I think you do a great job at merging your blogging and photography! :)

  3. i agree with Briana!

  4. exactly, keep doing what you're doing. i'm LOVING the new layout, very clean and lovely!

  5. <3
    i love the new layout too! it's prob. my fave one.