diptych; two is better than one !

Okay so a few of you said to keep my blog the way I have it right now including my boyfriend. I think I've come to the conclusion on what I should do FOR NOW. Alright so basically everything's gonna remain the same but there will be times were I'll be focusing on just things to do with photography. Don't be surprised if every time you visit my blog or see a new entry its filled with pictures or something about it. That's just what I'm focusing on right now mainly to get better :]. I'm doing a few photography projects like different styles of pictures taking along with different styles of editing. I've been in love with diptych photography especially when it looks so natural and looks like it's meant to be :] so of course I tried a few of my own.

Diptych photography; two photos that fit better together than they did apart. A mini story in two frames, an association, siblings, parent & child, different perspectives on the same theme, anything that works well as a team of two.


  1. Awwwies look at her, too cute. I like your blog the way it is and I'm glad you are not changing a thing. =]

  2. great job! i really like them. especially the first one! she reminds me of bee :)

  3. so beautiful!! And I agree two photos are always better, I love this!

  4. great shots!