what i love.. in detail lol :]

Honestly I never meant to turn this little 7 thing into a damn chapter book but it just so happened that way. Don’t kill me :[ but I was tagged by both Briana & Lala. Everyone I would have tagged already has been so I encourage anyone who find this interested to do it! And say I tagged you :P bwahah.

My bed; OHMYGOSH! I got this kingsize bed late last year and I have never slept better in my life. The only thing is findind sheets and shit for it considering its like $100 PLUS! Pssshh but this bed right here is the only thing I miss when im away from home. I hate the thought of sleeping anywhere but in it LOL its so sad. And I don’t think I got a day without saying “I wish I was in my bed”. Like its like my own little world look how big this baby is! AND I got cute new sheets today that I LOVE! im so over that plain white shit and orange blanket lol im a semi-big girl now :]

blog/photography; I contemplated blogging for a long while before I actually got into it and at first I wasn’t sure where to go with it more photography or ore writing but now that im in it I just blend the most. I swear blogging is a good release for anyone. Im not really a “celebrity” type blogging that most are like which gets annoying because it’s the same information seen everywhere else. I LOVE blogs that have to do with photography so I try and do things to keep my blog to what I like in hopes you’ll like it too. the feed back I get from you guys are amazing and I never knew people felt the way they did about my photography or emotions until it was displayed here. I appreciate all the love from everyone and trust me more stuff will be comine your way :]

boyfraan; my reminder that no matter what everything will be okay. THE LOVE OF MY LIFE! And then some. Literally this man is the air I breathe he has no clue ( or probably does ) just how much he means to me. Recently things have been rocky and messy but no matter what we pull through and realize that all that mess just isn’t worth what we have. We have the world in our hands babe, its me and you through it all. I mean okay sometimes well a lot of times I get mad over something little and I over react when I know I shouldn’t but its all because I love you and I wanna be perfect and everything to be perfect for us but I’ve come to realize that perfect isn’t us babe. Were one of a kind and that’s what makes our relationship survive ( doesn’t this sound like a rap or something lol ). I think hes the cutest baby there is and he thinks im the corniest person around and it works. I complete him for all the awkwardness hes missing and he completes me for all the cool points im missing LOL :] hes my sugar lumps and I’ll love him always.

baby berry; the source of my life. shes new LOL well i was in love with my old curve until she decided to act like a whore and then i swore i didnt love her but deep down inside my heart yearned for her LOL. Until I upgrade to a new bitch :] and now here’s the love of my life. She hold my music, pictures EVERYTHING. Shes an all around a bad bitch!

aunt shirley & uncle dave; recently was the year passing of my great aunt and ironically my uncle ended up in the hospital just days later. My aunt passed away due to complications of Alzheimer's. Every single day uncle dave was right by her bed side holding her hand through it all. She forget who she was, where she was from and even that she smoked (which is amazing considering the fact she was a VERY heavy smoker ), she even forgetting who her daughter was and thought she was a nurse. But uncle dave she knew was her husband for the simple fact that he didn’t let her forget that. She died known that she was loved all the way until the end. The fact that my uncles in the hospital now kills me every second just days earlier he was telling me to come over and watch dexter with him sometime I need to MAKE SURE that gets to happen. Today they got his heart stable so were praying for the best.

the kids; meet Te’jean, Kyla, Kiara, and, Jade. The evil loves of my life! These kids are amazing. The ability they have to turn tears or frowns into a smile with just a look.. its breath taking. I mean you go try and be upset around bundles of damn energy! Its impossible. And if you can do it please spend 5 minutes with these children. They are are beautiful.. loving and fun. Kiara ‘s a diva shes way to grown for her own good. Te’jeans well the only boy so hes pretty much just a boy lol. Kylas a little spoiled princess who is like the Brain on pinky and the brain and she plots evil things ALSO shes a damn bully! Jade is the baby of them all and she’s just amazing shes like the most chill baby ever. She’ll just sit and play with your hair or copy everything you do. She obsessed with shoes and looking cute haha :]. These are the kiddies who make my world go round gotta love em.

memoriess; I mean drunk memories! Haha we got real wasted one night and decided to gallivant around Toronto looking for food. We sat in my sisters car for maybe an hour contemplating if she was okay to drive LITERALLY an hour. I mean drinking and driving is a nono.. but what happens when everyones drunk? NO ONE THINKS! ( except us of course ;) ) after sitting In the car and attempting to pull off a sober car ride we called and taxi to mc donalds and right back to the car LOL. Then we put all the food on the trunk of the car and started to eat.. as you can see we ended up with a lot of food LOL :] good times man.


  1. I love my blackberry too !! I have the storm , but i want the curve or somethin .. hell anything with buttons lol .

  2. I LOVE YOU!!!!!

    & ur bed :) it looks so comfy! LOL

  3. i love your bed sheets. it's amazing, and the bb is hot. which one is that one?

    overall, great list!

  4. i tagged you! but you did it already so don't worry about it ;-) & girl i love my blackberry too i need to upgrade from this old curve as well i will soon!
    i love you keys!!

  5. teesha i HATE touchscreen phones hatehatehate!

    I LOVE YOU MOOOOREEE BRIANA! and omg its soo comfy! come take a nap :]

    lizzzy! my boyfriend thinks our sheets are the same ;) TRUE BOY! huh LOL

    i love you to jas! i need to take a look at yours mama.