new bitch & awardsss :]

Today I woke up barely with a voice! It was so harsh and rough I couldn’t get a cough out. Doesn’t feel like im getting any better but by thrusday when I get a chance to see my doctor hopefully he cures me lol cause i finished an entire bottle of cough medicine and no good came from that! Anywayssss im about to just move on to sleeping pills LOL seriously they do the trick :]

I’ve got about 2 hours left at work and an hour of that ill do what im actually suppose to be doing LOL! Theres this new chick that started working here and I don’t get a good vibe from her. I go off the vibes I get from people and im almost never wrong. She already kicked off with this girl Michelle and already made enemies TSKTSK not a good look! Shes letting her looks get to her head considering shes like a human Barbie! Well bitchhhhhhhhhhhhh we don’t play that round here! Haha I kid. But really I really hope she doesn’t try and start with me because my cold hearted side will come out ASAP.

i got two awards :) both from lovely ladies Elizabeth, Sylvia & Bri <3 i love you mamacitaaaaas!!!!

7 confessions;
1. I drop people way too easy. Its kinda bad I could be best of friends but once you fuck me over I’ll forget you ASAP. Almost like we’ve never met.
2. I hate being judged ( although its gonna happen a lot ) I cant stand it especially if its by my loved ones.
3. Im too emotional and get way to into things that always.. always.. ALWAYS screws me in the end
4. True blood makes me want some serious rough sex … and yeah with a vampire :]
5. I wanna buy a hoodie for every single day of the year. I love them! And I love being comfy.
6. I hold grudges. PERIOD.
7. Im debating if I should move back to Jamaica… for good. I need to get away from everyone and all their bullshit.



  1. I hope your throat feels better! when you get a bad vibe from someone, you should get to know them first cause you never know, and i sometimes hold grudges too but my heart is too kind for that.

  2. Awww.. thank you for the award keys..
    i love you hunni bunni!