that's what it's made for

Today was kind of a "Keyshia-Build-It" day haha well more so take what I have and transform :] basically I’ve been tryna find what I want to do with my room for a long while. I normally go with random colours and just blend and throw shit in there BUT I’ve grown up ( just a little ) after I got my sheet set that is I love the blend of the colours. Here’s my plan my rooms being painted a light beige with an accent wall MAYBE cork board painted black if not then probably just a solid black. Problem was that my bedroom set was GREEN I know right? wtf.. Literally dark green and instead of wasting money to buy a new one I got pretty ghetto and did ………….

It came out fucking amazing! You would thing I bought it black I LOVE IT ( the gold trim is sprayed black too ) I mean $4 a can and I had to use 2 so $8 and I have transformed my shit. I still have my long dresser to do but I’m dreading it because I know it’s gonna take some serious time and coats. All I need now is to get a finished coat of uhh something? I need to ask the paint people LOL mainly to prevent scratch ya know? All in all I probably spent $10 on turning something trash into something lovely :] I’ll post pictures of the finished products whenever it’s done. I’m doing little by little so it’s gonna be a while haha :]

I was in Wal-mart today and I thought about my 365 and how I wanted an album for it. BUT I hate 3 ring albums and I hate albums that hold 3 pictures per page and have that little writing blub. I like the ones that hold 5 straight pictures but of course my luck means = walmart don’t have noooone! And I remember I had a scrapbook from a while ago.. So I bought the refill papers for it and here’s what I’ using to post my 365. Its real plain right now but I’ll be transforming it into something eye catching sooner then later. I just wanted to get it up and going.


  1. building is always fun, and i think the scrapbook idea for project 365 is a great idea! can't wait to see the end product!

  2. OMG I love this idea for your 365 project awwe, your so amazing!