a photo every hour :]

Elizabeth did this a few entries ago and I’ve wanted to try it since. Ill most def do it again especially if I end up going somewhere because today I was house bound! Which was fun as hell :] My day went nothing like I thought it was but it turned out amazing :] enough talking im way to tired LOL and its only 11PM! Alright here’s my day summed up by each hour :] enjoy.

8AM. Running on literally 3 hours of sleep maybe? If that. My mom woke me u letting me know that I have a a bundle of joy waiting for me.

9AM. Instant coffee was sent from the gods above. Because im completely stupid when making anything but instant! Ha and French vanilla is theee best!

10AM. my little surprise arrived! ITTY BABY! shes with me all day cause shes a sick mama :[ but she sure as hell keeps me entertained!

11AM. We started watching Alvin and the chipmunks considering she LOVES the movie! Nothing but giggles until in .2 secs she was knocked out.

12PM. SUB! Yes. I ordered a sub and it got here in like 10MINS J good shit right? I mean if you haven’t eaten mr.sub then your life is incomplete because mr.sub shitsss on subway HARD CORE.

1PM. Project 365 picture taking :] and yes this is days 105 picture too! I love it.

2PM. These horse pills have me drowsy as hell! literaly once they kick in i feel drained. SLEEP! i need you.

3PM. tweeking my layout and publishing comments. i love the support from you all

4PM. LOOK WHO SHOWED UP! kiara! fresh from after school program and ready to play lol :]

5PM. leave a camera unattended and this is the result.

6PM. she made me a millions pictures today and yes she literally colours with two markers at a time. i swear shes the best.

7PM. grandmas babys get what they wanted AKA PIZZA! these kids live for pizza no lie. im not complaining it was good as hell.

8PM. considering the kids were with me all day kiaras homework was left for me to do with her. This little girl really said "just sign it and pretend we did it" with a big cheesy smile on her face!

9PM. JENGA! with 2 kids.. bad idea LOL

10PM. me + boyfraan + bodyguard = the greatest boyfriend in the world!

11PM. im sleepy and it's been a long day lets end it with a wish :)


  1. aw. amazing! i love the end result, and the photos are amazing. i love the coffee one :)

  2. awe this was so precious!! When Elizabeth did this I was like I wanna try and do that and now that you did it I want to lol your pictures are amazing as always, great post!

  3. I love this! I wanna do this one day!!!!

  4. thank you elizabeth<3

    LALA! thanks mama. and you should do it <3

    thanks jasmine ;)

    sylvia yours would be amazing! DO ITTT!