on the bathroom floor

LMAAOO! Okay it might not be that funny but wait.. is it not absolutely fabulous that I woke up but naked on my FREEZING COLD bathroom floor? I was soo trashed last night it not even funny! Bwahah we got so wasted and wound up at the bar dancing we basically took over the bar cause the dudes stopped playing their pool game to come and see what we got ;) haha Well I’m sitting here with a French vanilla feeling wide awake at least.

Starting the New Year off is fucking bullshit! Seriously! For fuck sakes seems like everywhere I turn more shit pops up and I try my best to avoid it but then something in me sets off and boom. Its over. I’m very very close to just saying fuck everybody and keep to myself that’s literally how bad it is. because when I’m own my own I’m best I swear to god I need nobody to make me feel complete cause I know in my heart I can and will NEVER EVER let myself down. But I cannot depend on anyone else and I learned that the hard way but lessons learned right? I’m on my way back to becoming that heartless little bitch who looked out for only herself and I’m loving it.

More importantly I love cooking lol random I know right? But I spent close to $200 yesterday on groceries my deep freeze is complety full almost over flowing! Purposely I did it so I can get back into cooking mode instead of always buying out and eating so unhealthy and I vowed to eat a lot better this year just for myself :]. I got a lot of running around to do today and I’m not big on rice like I prefer noodles or potatoes but I am tryna broaden my eating horizons lol so I’m gonna buy a rice cooker today haha :] it tastes best cooked in there cause it cooks right every single time! Oh and I’m gonna buy a slow cooker! Which is a blessing from that higher power! Lol its best for making roast because it cooks for a long time on a slow temperature so when it’s done its real tender and deeeelisssh!


  1. drinking is always fun, and it's good that your back into cooking mode. i can't wait til i start cooking :)

  2. LMAOOO! Good luck with the cooking! and post up pics of your masterpeices!

  3. LOL at you on the bathroom floor!! i bet you were freezing!! i would of been like wtf!?! lol...

  4. Why did you wake up naked ona bathroom floor, I know you were wasted but .. I'm still baffled lol ..

  5. anonymous whom i love i'm still baffled myself. only thing i could think of is maybe i was gonna puke? and kinda passe dout.. naked? i have no clue how that happened!

    lizzy :] cookng is like sex. literally.

    svlvia I WILL jsut for you :]

    jasmine i walk up smiling and shit then realize did was naked and then i was like wtf? and yess i was cold as hell waking up :(