late night habits... live on!

I truly believe only I can be greedy enough to cook food at 1AM seriously I made chicken tacos! I woulda made beef but chicken tastes so much better. I made them into a platter like I normally do and then you just take what you want.. you know?

They came out tasting so good of course! You can never go wrong with home made tacos. EVER

So today I didn’t end up getting the slow cooker but instead I got a computer desk hha random I know. It’s a real nice and small cute one and it was only $14 brand new and everything. Once I open it and put it together I’ll show you how it looks. For $14 it was well worth it and now I can finally get rid of this big ugly thing =]

I spent the entire day with my sister and fatty mostly at my sisters house but when we got back to my house we talked about a party because shes been wanting to have one forever and now its set officially on Saturday she’ll be having her first ever lingerie party! Lol its gonna be pretty sexy but sleezy and skanky at the same time.. you know! Cause your gonna have the girls come wearing gstrings and shit.. I was thinking what the hell would I wear but I found the perfect thing at Victoria secret and I’m in love with it

cute right?


  1. the food looks delicious, and of course it's not greedy to make food at that time! the baby doll is super HOT! it would totally look nice on you.

  2. Will there be pics of said lingerie party? :P

    Oh and those tacos look amazing, I'm hungry now. :\

  3. The lingerie party sounds like fun! the one you picked out is cute.

  4. Looks amazing! The lingerie party sounds awesome and would be more awesome if it was like a fatty lingerie party! LMAO Where your footies and hold donuts in your hands!
    That babydoll is perfect!

  5. oh yes that is very cute!! Victoria secret always has some nice things