Justification of an idiots actions automatically makes you an idiot.

IM SO ANNOYED. I don’t have a relationship with “my father” at all in my eyes. He tries to add his little 2cents on things that go on with me but I don’t acknowledge him at all and every now and then he’ll show up with a birthday gift or some other sad piece of shit. He’s never been there for me and when he was he was abusive and I hate him as a human being and would never refer to him as a father. My family tries to say he’s blood blah blah but okay that’s all he is.. blood. He means nothing to me at all. It’s very easy for me to not care completely to disown you and not even think of you as being apart of my life. Anyways all the drama that’s happen with my brother ( stealing cars, sexual assault, drug possession, in jail, out on bail, breech of bail x4 ) time after time how dare this fucking faggot of a father tell ME that “everyone makes mistakes”. I KNOW WERE HUMAN AND WE ALL DO MAKE MISTAKES. But the kid does what he does because when he does it someone’s right there running to help him out and basically patting him on the back for his stupidity. Think about it if you were doing nothing but bad shit KNOWING that nothing will happen in the long run are you gonna stop.. No exactly.

ANYWAYS my moms real sick and my brother putting the stress on her makes everything worse. She’s not my biological mother but she is at the same time.. She is his though but does he treat her that way? Of course not. I mean you love and care for your mother who just had a stroke so much that you’re gonna break her house apart.. Call her a bitch and all the other shit and tell her how much you hate her? THEN put on tears and tell her you love her? Get the fuck outta here with that shit. I don’t buy shit from anyone if I feel you’re lying.. YOU’RE LYING simple. I refuse to sit and be disrespected by anyone.. Fuck you. ANYWAYS this fagot ass “father” decides to bail my brother out this time so now he’s living with him and he claims “he’s changed” that if people gave him a chance it would happen. HAHAHAHA fucking HA. The other day this kid decided when my sister left the car running to run and get something quick that with bother my nieces in the car he’ll try and drive it THEN told my 6 year old niece if she tells he’ll punch her in the face. But oh now he’s changed.. HAHA! Yeah right.

My sister called it quits on him and eliminated him from her life and will not allow him the see the kids which is understandable. But of course here comes the sperm donor justifying the actions of this idiot kid.. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I put my brother in the same boat as sperm donor. I have no contact with them.. I don’t speak to him. He knows nothing about my life. I don’t care about him as a person I don’t think of him as being my brother. It’s gotten to the point where I can stand and say I don’t even love him.. Harsh? Not at all.. If you were in my shoes you’d understand. When your own brother smashed your door in and busts your lip open over $5 you would do the same.

How are you as a human being so ready to justify the actions of someone like this kid? I don’t get it? This sperm donor tries to put all the blame on me every time something goes down and I just laugh now it pisses me the fuck off. Every action has a reaction if you’re so willing to act you should sit and take the reaction don’t try and blame other people to make yourself feel better.. Both of them at that part. Because he’s a fucking idiot and he’s a dead beat father.. What I say is fuck you both.

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  1. holy moses. if i were in your shoes, i wouldnt want to be associated with them either. ESPECIALLY your brother. i understand why you want nothing to do with him. just stay strong, atleast your making the right decisions & watching them fail