deckkkedd up! haha :]

Well here I am 11:00PM drained like hell running a fever. I just got home and thought why not write a quick blog then just move on to my bed. I got maybe 2 hours of sleep in last night which may be another reason why im tired as hell but my sister had me up at 7:30 running some serious missions. We started by dropping the kids at daycare my niece says “I Love Woo” and it’s the most adorable thing ever and she aways giggles right after.. it’s the cutest thing ever. Minus the fact that when were in stores and she doesn’t see me she yells out “KeyTA” lol ahh I love her.

The main mission we were on today was to find a CD deck for her car. Well mission fucking accomplished we found on that’s soo cute it has like changing colours and the USB drive and we got it with a 4 year warranty and installment for $200 which is beyond good. So now we got music bumpin loud as fuck! Which is all we wanted i was tired of my sister tryna be Alicia Keys and shit … literally.

While on our mission we happened to be shopping for a bunch of shit I got a few things like the Crock-Pot aka slow cooker I’ve been wanting which is LVOE and I really thing im gonna open it and use it tmrw :] OHHHH ANDDDD I got a rice cooker. Im not a fan of rice but why not I mean that same Asian style rice you all love from that restaurant or whatever was more than likely cooked in a rice cooker! Haha it’s a great investment and I got one for $11 today for a 4 cup which is A LOT of rice. Anyways ill be experimenting with my new toys soon enough and ill show you all what I made  OHHH and I got an Airwick candle and plugin for 4$ for both like… the refills cost over $6 so I couldn’t really go wrong and who doesn’t love smell goods?

NEEEEEEEEEXT! Well I finally went to the doctor come to find out I have chronic sinusitis which is basically infected sinuses that continuously happens and its so bad that tomorrow I have to go back for an x-ray.. like for my sinuses .. YES that bad! Its insane.. you know what they say its always worst than you expect. Mhm. So anywho I’m on 2 new medications one which is pills that looks like horses take and a nasal spray. UGH. When will the madness stop!

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  1. glad you got all those items for a really good price. i also am gonna buy a rice cooker once i move out. rice is big in our family. sorry about your sinuses. i know it must be horrible!