day 94, ohh and a blueish face lift !

Ohhweee.. I gave my blog a very little facelift I wanna change the entire layout but I still don’t know how I want it so for now you get a little colour and a kinda new banners and some different pictures :] mmkay? I haven’t been on my whole blog roll due to the fact that once again im sick! Its quite possibly the worst sore throat I ever had yes its that bad but I’ve been downing cough syrup and non stop chloraseptic spray which numbs your mouth haha its pretty good actually.

I’m on day 94 of project 365 already. I literally remember the day I started I mean is time really going by that fast? But I LOVE that theres more of you starting the project lovelovelove. Stay with it it’ll be one of the best experiences to have and look back on. I printed about 80 something of my pictures and seeing them infront of me is amazing! I love it. I still don’t know how im gonna display them. Well I have two sets and ones going in a album but I wanted to make posters out of them and hang them on my walls but I don’t know yet ill see when I have atleast half of the project infront of me. Good luck to you guys doing it and if you miss a day or two don’t give up just get back on it!

Its Saturday but feels like a Sunday so ill probably be in the house eating and watching movies all day until night comes.. party? Maybe. I still don’t know 100% about attending the lingerie party because of some drama that went down maybe ill just go chill with my sister or something. Idk yet.

87 / 365 *
15/365 *

88 / 365 *
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94 / 365 *
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  1. you and i do the same things on saturdays :) hehe & i love love LOVE the very last picture. i want to put it as the wallpaper on my phone :p hehe

  2. <3 i love you bottttttttttttth!

  3. god. i just want to hate you. your so amazing keys! they're all good!!!

    love ya :)

  4. Hey keys!!! i miss you mama!! but anywho your pictures are amazing, i hope you feel better get some much needed rest!! i love you! :)

  5. tag you're it! You have an award waiting for you on my blog!

  6. i wish i could dedicate myself to project 365. i started once, got to day 3 and already fell behind. golly. i think your 365 is the best i've seen though, especially when it comes to variety

  7. i love you lizzzzy <3 !

    jasmine! thanks babe. i miss you morrree!

    ty sylvia :]

    lauren!!!!!!!!! MY SWEET LOVE! i missed you! i wish you were able to dedicate yourself cause its amazinggg! and wow thank you very much babe!