The Boyfriend TakeOver (She Needs Me)

When My Homie Kendrick Came Threw My Office a couple months ago and was explaining to me his Album and his music I Honestly Did Not expect Much...I mean Niggas come in my office every week showing me Videos and songs trying to get free clothes from me are trying to get me to do something for them reguarding my clothing line.But kendrick played this dope record that really really really made me think of my baby...like when i heard it i was in love with the record.i would walk around like "she needs me...she needs me...she needs me" mind you.. kendrick played me this record in september of 09 and his album was released jan 1st..so i kept asking him for the "she needs me record" he would just say "wait till jan i got a suprise for you"....well yesterday i wake up to a tweet from kendrick with a link to.................

I Love this video..but i love the song Because it reminds me of my baby so much like almost every word of the song reminds me of herso much...Anyway thx kendrick good lookin mah nigga !

You Can Listen to "The Kendrick Lamar LP" By Clicking The Link...Its a Real Dope Album

PS.I Love you Baby


  1. my baby!
    awww <3 i love waking up to see that you invade my blog. it's just so cute. like what boyfriend does things like thing? MINNNNEEE! another reason why you are the best! i loveeee youuuuuu!

  2. This is a ill track right here, cool mellow flow .. glad to see ya happy Ms. Keys :P

  3. great job. its a nice story! i love the beat.