The Boyfriend TakeOver 2010..

Baby Your sleeping right now snoring Very VERY loud..while im up enjoying my late night Sportscenter(shes not so sexy when shes sleeps...imagine a really really tiny feminine sounding motor ???)I Pulled my Macbook out and decided to leave you something short and sweet.

I Love You Baby and its been a really rough start to this Year but were gonna make it...lets make it threw January Baby.ILY


PS.Wake me up when u come home from takng Kiki to school so i can kiss you all over *wink*

aiight im goin back to listening to you snore..


  1. lmao isn't he just the best? haha
    and im sick baby my nose is extra stuffed and i DO NOT SNORE! lol i <3 my bully boyfriend <3
    babe whatever crosses our paths we'll make it <3

  2. your blog is amazing, I love it!