long over due post.

I’m running on no sleep and its only 10AM. Clearly this means I’m gonna have to load up on red bulls and then crash after work. How am I gonna make it through class and a 7 hours work shift? MEH! Who knows. But that’s what I gotta do. I’ve kinda been MIA but no so much I was just going through a few things that had me in the slumps. I really appreciate all the love and kind words from you are cause in reality you didn’t have to reach out and show me love but you did that’s why I heart you all. I’m still feeling a bit down but I’m trying to make the best of it.. Just doing what it takes you know?
The Microsoft class I took and recently did the exam for UGH. I got my marks back and I ended the class with a 76%. I’m not happy AT ALL with that mark but there’s no make up so I guess I have to settle for it. The fact that half the shit on the exam we didn’t learn and wasn’t shit I could even figure out was the thing that fucked me up the most. She said my practical work was perfect but the exam is what got everyone…. I mean? Would you assume that YOU’VE done something wrong by not teaching what we need to know? Whatever. You need a 60% to pass and more then half the class didn’t even get that. SO I’ll take my 76% and sit with it.

I cramped my assignment in one night and today I get marks back for that ha-ha. I mean the presentation I did for it went smooth as hell but were more so marked on the written part of it all and AHHH. I noticed when it was too late how many errors I had in it. Don’t you hate that? It’s worth 10% which isn’t too bad BUT any percent I can get I need even if it is ONE! And NOW I have an assignment due the 10TH which should be pretty interesting once I get everything up and rolling.

The past weekend was my brothers, nephews, and sisters birthday! Haha fun times. My brothers & nephew birthday we just had a little family get together with cake and music you know.. Nothing big! My brother just wanted everyone out of there so he could celebrate on his own LOL. But my sisters birthday WHOOOA! Non-stop fun.. Literally. My friend fatty came down and it’s always fun when she’s there.. A lot of it I don’t remember due to me being intoxicated and all but I know my sister had a good as time and that’s all that really matters.

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I got an award from the lovely slyvia ♥ and I cannot stress enough how important it is to read & follow her blog. She blogs about pretty much everything and anything so it’s never dull! Plus shes beautiful :] thanks for the award mama.

i nominate;

Oh and anyone has any blogs they recommended please feel free to post them! Thank youuuuuu :]


  1. I love the pictures! they're amazing. especially the cloud one. i love clouds. thanks for the award!

  2. cough.
    1. dont stress the 76! trust me i had a test today and got a 75 BECAUSE of my extra credit -___- LOL
    2. your pictures are all sorts of beautiful. ur making me push my Nikon on my christmas list further to the tizzop
    and cough.
    3. you nominated me AGAIN?! these really make my day in ways i cant describe. :)

    <3 LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  3. Thank you!! i did a post on this yesterday and nominated you for it as well.

    ily <3

  4. thanks eliabeth babe!

    briana you know how much i love you giiiiiiiiirl!

    jasmine i seen literally seconds after i posted this but i had to run so i didnt commet but thank yewwww :]