it's wayyyy to cold :[

Winter is officially in business. It started to snow but not much BUT its -6°C which would be 21°F! as you can see I am freezing my ass off currently! I went outside to run to the store which might be a 5 minutes walk when I got back in my house my fingers were numb from how cold it is. its insane! Im currently running off of maybe a 2 hour nap? I wasn’t able to sleep at all last night and around 8AM I had to go over and watch my monster baby cause she was sick. We fell asleep together after playing roll the ball? I guess you can call it? Lol but I did get her to say my name which im happy as hell about I been trying to do that since she was born ahaha :]

I’ve been studying for an hour straight and im taking a tiny break to post this blog up. I have a huge test tomorrow and im not confident in anything right now. I have no clue how im gonna do it.. wait a few vanilla caps and some red bulls should do the trick in keeping me awake cause im trying pull a SEMI all nighter just to study for this test. I need all the luck in the world with this damn thing tmrw :[ wish me luck pwesss! OH YEAH! I got my project back and I got 80% okay I know that’s a pretty god mark but the reason marks were deducted for ( references not in alphabetical order, certain parts not citied ) like are you kidding me? Seriously? there were people who got marks like 65% or even 70% and the presentations they gave were word for word from the book. UGH!
The next project we have is to attend an AA meeting ( the reason I went to one Elizabeth ;) ) and then write a reflection on it. First off let me say that attending this meeting had to be one of the most inspiring most wonderful meeting EVER! I got the honor of going on the night when it’s their candle light ceremony. They get their chips and the rooms lit by candle light and they share what they are thankful for. The room was packed with possibly over 40 peoples they shared stories of depression, loss, suicide, and change. The impact that AA has on these people are amazing I never would have thought majority of them have nothing and AA is all they count on. If the program wasn’t there a lot of them would not be living. You can feel the love within the group its just amazing. I was welcomed with open arms and they want me to come back real soon and I plan to! I know for a matter of fact the experience I had is going to make for a good paper.

We got a lot of the Christmas shopping out the way for the kids. Today a bunch of shit we ordered arrived and damn! These monsters are gonna have another amazing ass Christmas! Literally so far they all got everything they asked for and then some. Of course little ol’ me is gonna be the one suffering in the wrapping last year I had so much wrapping to do I fell asleep in the middle of it THEN had to call my sister to come help me ahah I think im gonna have to do that once again. But tmrw im doing some shopping 4sure ! haha. I love christmas as you can tell! my whole blog layout is altered for the season and i love it. "all i want for christmas is you" happens to be one of my fave. holiday songs and is on a constant rotation around this time :]

Im still going strong in 365 im what 63 days in? and still I love every last bit of it! Heres this weeks.

50 / 365 *
15/365 *

51 / 365 *
16/365 *

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17/ 365 *

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18/ 365 *

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19/365 *

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56 / 365 *
21/365 *


  1. dont stress love!! im sure your going to do fine on your test! smarty pants :-p and atleast you have COLD around christmas - in florida its freaking 90 degrees outside. & thats supposed to put me in the christmas mood? psh yea right. hehe :)

  2. The AA project your doing sounds very inspirational.. I can only imagine how it may be.. Glad you got the chance to do that.. Great idea... & girl it's way to cold over here too. your not that far from me so i already know.. this snow storm we got going on is ridiculous & i think i have the flu.. (me & my sis) Grrr! i hope you do good on your finals!


  3. amazing job love. you're a pro.

  4. briana you can take my cold ! minus the snow cause i want my snow LOL :)

    jasmine it is amazing. i love it! and ugh! the flu.. i remember thoses times :( get better soon mama.

    elizabeth <3 thank you mama!

  5. I'm awarding you: