i live where the sky ends.

Aaaahhhh! Okay im off that Christmas shit lol well mainly just the layout. It got old quick for me at least haha. Alright basically this is just a random post until I have an actually subject, topic, event to talk about mmkay? Well no wait I do have something to talk about. Remember that test I had yesterday? That I was all worried about and shit well it was a 2 hours test and I finished it in 30mins. Literally it was a breeze I don’t know why I stressed myself like I did honestly mannn! There where like 4 or 5 answers I had to guess cause I just didn’t know but whatever. I know most def I’ll be getting a good mark on it and I’m good with that  After all that and other shit that’s been stressing me last night I decided to get super wasted AND oh man did I succeeded haha. It was bad because I got to a point where I was so wasted I just kept drinking haha. We hooked up with an old friend of mine Natasha and heard all her crazy drama and shit which was hilarious. Me and fatty pretty much got it on at Stephs house and were going shot for shot off each other lol It was too cold for us to go anywhere ( yes its that bad ) so we pretty much turned Stephs house into a bar / club. After the shots off fatty I don’t remember anything past it lol well kinda but it’s a blur which is amazzzzzzing! Oh I remember trying to have sex but? I won’t even speak on thaaaat.

Its Saturday night and I got my 3 munchkins over (so expect a blog post about that real soon) currently they’re playing some under the covers game where someone’s a monster and they are super loud! But soon enough it’ll be bed time haha :)! They destroyed my house in every way possible with food, papers, markers, toys, clothes.. EVERYTHING! Like true monsters. Anyways I have no clue how long they’ll be here for tomorrow but I need my alone Sunday like I always have :] bet my sisters & brother are having a ball tonight!


  1. aw. it's too bad you can't go out! getting wasted is fun, and it's good you did it at home where no one would get hurt. i also get the sexual effect when i drink! ha ha. have a happy Sunday!

  2. haha elizabeth it was crazy fun and sex is gooooood :)