Boyfriend Takeover PT.5...

its 3:34 Am im up bullshiting..ive watched sports Center,did homework,played madden,shadow boxed,recited Jay-z lyrics for an hour,called my mom,pretended to be a drummer,all sorts of shit While my babys been sleep.Then i sat down and just thought about how much this women means to me,like she doesnt understand how much she means to me.i have never been so open to anyone in my life..(cause im not that type of nigga) but this women has broke down all my walls and we've been threw so much together,even tho sometimes she can piss me off...at the end of the night i fall back in love with her. About a week ago i said something that promised her i would never say again and it caused lot of drama and kinda made her close up.Baby i wanna let you kno that im am truely sorry from the bottom of my heart for what i said,im sorry i just wanna make you smle mama not stress,we have been threw way to much.I just want you to open back up to me.. i hate waking to "hey" instead of "baby" i hate just having sex..i wanna make love..i wanna show you that im truely sorry...and this is te best way to let you kno its sincere.Fuck what anyone else says your the prettiest girl in the world chunky mama and I Love you come back to my arms.sorry for venting on your blog i just had to get this shit out.



  1. awww this is so sweet!!!!

  2. aw. Keys. I'm glad it's improving. love ya :)

  3. Awww.. Keys. yall make me sick! jk. lol. i love it. i wish you guys nothing but the best.

    ily <3

  4. you're cute! who else would shadow box and recite jay z at 330AM? only you. atleast you did homework! and all this while i was snoring? lol. opening up is really hard to do and i remember how frustrated i would get with you because you couldnt open up to me about the littlest things and because I trusted you with my everything it seemed like you didn’t trust me with yours. But we got past that and now I’m greatful to how open you’ve become with me. And it doesn’t matter on the type of nigga you are DORK! ( excuses, excuses, excuses). I’ve told you before everyones sorry when things come falling down. Do I wanna forgive you? YES of course I do. But can i? what you said lingers on my heart and hurts me everyday. Because I told you never do it again and you did it hurts 10x more. Your not sorry for saying it your only sorry because of the outcome of it. Because if I wasn’t upset about it or if what happened didn’t happen sorry would have never left your lips. Honestly I still don’t know how to respond to this or evern get over it.