A bit on the TMI tip.. but who cares :]

Im a freak. Plain and simple and I love sex. Who doesn’t? exactly. Anyways! Me and my sexyface have a lot of sex.. kinky sex and I make him do freaky shit to me ( when he actually does it ) it makes me mad when someones not as freaky as me LOL I know bad. But I instantly get turned off just because dude its sex! If someone wants you to slap the shit out of them and bite them just do it! Its hot. My sexyface is pretty cool though hes more go with the flow type which is good!

BUT yes there is a BUT this egotistical asshole cant do shit that isn’t “his style” which is gay yup. Like yesterday I wanted him to just talk freaky to me like literally sit there and feed me a 4 page essay on what your gonna do to me! But nooo his ego got in the way and he thought it was stupid.. which fucked with me because its what I wanted! He couldn’t wait a few mins he just wanted hands on me ! but NO I wanted you to talk dirty to me like I don’t see what so bad about that? Like is it that weird? as he says. I love that shit but him nahh his ego’s too big! HES TOO COOL FOR THAT! Tsktsk
ANDDDDDDDDDDDDD alright and I must have signed some type of slave card cause what I say can never happen. I say from behind.. he wants me on top and if it doesn’t go exactly how he says it and how he wants it WHEN HE WANTS IT.. it just wont happen! Like damn wtf? Sexyface you’re gay dude!
whats so bad about wanting someone to talk freaky to you?


  1. lmbo she said sexyface your gay dude lol i need to recover from that before i can comment lol

  2. You're right! who doesn't!? I'm a sex freak too. if it was up to me I'll have it every other day.

    SEX IS AMAZING! great post :)

  3. Lol oh wow, This is not a side of yew I needed to witness Keysh... Geeze... Yew Perv! Sex is overrated... *Walks away*

  4. You look delicious, I'd do anything you want me to. :]

  5. lizzzzy, sex is fucking sweeeeeeeeeeet!

    jessy, LOL sex is soo not overrated mann! if this makes me a perv i'ssss besss that!

    briana, lol shhhh! you cute monster!

    im me, WHOS ME? lol but thanks ;) hotness!