try sleeping with a broken heart
Im excited for tmrws AA meeting
The AA assignment is due Thursday
I still never got my mark back for last project.. not a good sign
I’m taking on so much shit to help me forget whats really going on
Its not working at all
I have to reclean my room :[
Caught up on maybe ¼ of the reading / note taking
I need to buy index cards + a book light
It snowed for the first time this winter today. It was wet snow tho
I had to leave work earlier cause I was all upset and needed to do some homework
I have a test on Friday that im NOT ready for
Tuesday = AA meeting
Wednesday = group work
Thursday = more chirstmas shopping.
Friday = $$$
That’s about it.


  1. sounds exciting although school makes it all the worse. aa meeting for what? if you don't mind me asking...

  2. im excited for the book light (since ive always wanted one) and the thursday christmas shopping and the friday $$$ :)

  3. cute blog!
    dont forget to follow me baq.,
    much love..

    *brown is beautifuL*