49/50 mmmmmmhmm :]

Lets see where can I start! Oh how about I ended with a 49/50 on my test? Yeeeeeeeeeeeees! Im beyond happy with that mark ALTHOUGH lol ( I know ) im curious to see which question I got wrong. But damn all the reading and studying I did I knew I was gonna end with a good mark. How uncool is it that I have classes until the 22nd? Very uncool and I still have some Christmas shopping left to do. I’m being cheated because I hear theres like some big storm out there in the states? And we have absolutely no snow. By now last year we were sledding everyday! Snowball fights everyday. Theres been NO snow and theres 5 days until Christmas? WTF! Automatically the absence of snow = no Christmas feeling!

I woke up around 3PM lol ( I was hung over from last night ) and got to reading and studying early and by the time I finished before taking a break it was dark and I had to turn my bedroom light on. And now I have one last chapter to read and im really putting it off BUT I have to get on that because my sexyface boyfriend wants to watch a movie and of course hes waiting on me :]. By the way im so happy with where I am right now. Everything is going so good! School is going food, me and sexy face are amazing and I love him with all my heart! And just I have no complains everything seems to be going good for me :] although I should’nt speak too soon lol


  1. aww yay! im happy everything is going good :)

  2. glad everything is going great. how's project 365 going?

  3. so happy for you keysh i'm glad it's all going well. yeah this global warming is bananas. you guys have no snow but texas did? crazy

  4. I'm glad everything is going well for you... Good Job on that test 49/50 is GREAT!!!

  5. thanks honey mufffinsss <3

    and lauren you dont understand how damn mad i am about that! like wtf kinda backwards shit is that?!

    jazzzzzzzzzy thank you mama :]