weekend with the monsters !

I love my babies so much! My niece came over to spend the night and I swear it was endless fun. Its funny how kids are isn’t it? How they can’t eat a Popsicle if it’s melting or won’t eat a sandwich unless it’s cut into “baby pieces” with the crust gone haha I wonder if I was this damn picky! But then it’s amazing how the most random thing could put the biggest smile on their face. I love it. We had a fun ass weekend though from endless coloring... to watchin TV & movies... to playing ispy, hide and seek & jenga to eating crazy candy and tea! Haha gotta love my monsters.

it went a little something like this

and finally


  1. they are so cute! god bless them.

  2. awww.. i love kiddies! they so cute. i bet they are a handful.. i know my lil brothers are.

  3. wow, i love your blog! the photos are amazing :)
    what kind of camera do you use?

  4. how cute! awesome photos! love what you did to the blog!