we went round for round til' we knocked love out
we were laying in the ring, not making a sound.

basically nothing big. i am mentally.. physically and most of all emotionally exhausted. i can't think straight and i think i'm half crazy? Today was plain and simple one of the worst days leaving me feeling soooo fucked up i don't even wanna blog about it. I'm off work in 15 minutes and i just need my bed. night.


  1. i love your blog . im followin you as well . im bb and im showin ya love .

    i dig the quote tho.

  2. heeeey BB !
    i'm keys
    your blog is all cute and shit! i'm following you back mos def.

  3. hey love. great quote! where do you work at?

  4. jamise.. it's one of the worst feelings and i hope you feel better and smile soon.. because i know how down i am and i can't imagine anyone feeling like it <3

    hey elizabeth! i love that quote, lyrics.. whatever you wanna call it. i work at a gym ( good life fitness ) ugh. lol

  5. love the new blog look . i wanna do mine so cute like yours . lol

  6. i'm still not hppy with mines! lol
    yours is cuuute as hell leave it that way!

  7. i'm praying things will get better but it's really hard at this point.. (sigh) since sunday my world feels like it has crashed..