only getting worse... or what?

Last night was the worst. I literally was feeling so horrible that I forced myself to go to sleep and if that wasn’t enough I couldn’t sleep could because I couldn’t breathe! I really thought getting the medication and everything I would feel better in no time but boy was I wrong. I was suppose to return to school and work today but I cant even do that because I feel so horrible. I called hoping to get an appointment with my doctors but with the h1n1 outbreak he’s completely booked until tomorrow afternoon and he advised me not to go back until I see him tomorrow. I just hope its one of those “it gets worse before better“ type thing and not something really serious although now I’m taking pain killers because of the body aches :[. The fact that I’ve been away from school and work for a bit has me stressed because one I’m losing money and its money that I NEED very bad and two I’m gonna return to class and have to catch up on a lot of things. I need to just not stress because that also takes a toll on my body and makes me feel a lot worse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Arg enough of that!

I’m on day 42 of my project 365 and I’m going strong! Haha. I was thinking about buying those 16x20 (or a bigger size) frames and maybe making collages out of the pictures and hanging them on my walls cause the first time I tried doing this project I had a photo wall and I’d add pictures whenever I could but this time around I’m pretty sure I’m gonna frame them I’m not 100% though. For now I’ll just print them probably every month and put them in an album until I decide exactly what it is I want to do with them. I really recommend anyone who’s into photography to do this project it makes you look at the world in a different light. I almost always look at thinks and visualize it in photograph form. PLUS it helps better your skill and you have a year to look back on :] it’s amazing.

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  1. awww.. hunni. i hope you feel better.. being sick is thee worse.. get some much needed rest. i'm going to pray you get better soon!!! love you!