in the past week.

* Halloween was crazy fun we took the kids trick or treatin’ at first it was dead and dull but we ended up going around a place were I swear was Halloween town EVERYTHING was decorated and people were jumping out from everywhere. They had dudes driving cars yelling and scaring the shit outta me. Overall a good time. THEN me and steph got wasted and ended up going to see SAW 6.. Was it good? Id have to watch it sober we were just loud and making jokes the whole movie. Haha afterwards we went to pizza pizza and they had no fresh pizza so I ended up ordering a panzaroti which turned out to not even be fully cooked so I just got a refund left and went to a DIFFERENT pizza pizza only to have more drama occur but it was fun and a night to remember.
I went grocery shopping and got what I need to jump start this healthy eating thing. I got these shakes something like a meal replacement so considering I get sick if I eat breakfast the shakes should do me good right? :] I got this book that tracks how your progress is going and gives you tips.. tricks and ideas.

* Me and my sister went on a mini 45 min highway trip and it was crazy tryna read all those directions then we ended up having to drive through construction which left only ONE side of the street open which is stupid as hell.. we seen like 8 accidents on the way. Her best friend just bought a house so we went for a little house warming party type thing. Fun fun fun.

* I started back schooling. Waking up was actually real easy I got to sleep in extra because i didn’t have to drop my niece at school. Right now im doing first aid / CPR training which is easy as hell cause i took it because BUT you gotta update every 2 years.

* I ran into a long time friend crystal and I walked right past her not even recognizing it was her. She lost probably 80 pounds if not more and she looks amazing! I love the confidence she has it makes my heart warm and you can tell she’s crazy about the weight loss. Good for her.

A lot went down today and im still shook up from it Im really not even comfortable with talking about it so ill just leave it alone.

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  1. I'm glad you had fun for halloween! hopefully we get to see a picture of your halloween costume!