girl, boyfriend, and best friend.

There’s a girl and her boyfriend. She has a best friend who she basically considers her as her sister. Now the boyfriend begins to lie and cheat on the girl so the sister takes it upon herself to let the girl know that she deserves better and that the boyfriend is trash and she should leave him. But then it takes a turn and the girl finds out that one of the persons the boyfriend was cheating with is the best friend! Now was the best friend telling her that she deserves better and should leave him to benefit herself? So she could get closer to him? Or was she doing it as a “best friend”. In the end should the girl forgive the best friend because she’s like a sister or is she just as wrong if not MORE in the wrong than the boyfriend?

I was watching Maury and this situation came up and I’m only writing about it because the girl forgave the best friend and called the dude trash! BUT the best friend said something like “I’m the trash you want to look through to find something good... he’s dumpster trash”. I mean I went through this situation with my ex in high school with my best friend Brianna (no... we are no longer friends). No man should ever get in between you and your best friend. Brianna betrayed me in the worst way possible and she was insane to believe that I would understand where she was coming from because to this day I still don’t. You both did the same exact thing how could you think you’re not as bad as him? You should understand that being my best friend you were WORSE... you were more in the wrong then him... at least that’s how I see it. I wish I could understand where she was coming from but I just can’t... can somebody explain?


  1. omg.. this is crazy!!! this reminds me of this summer i recently went through a similar situation but it was sort of different.. one of my good friends tj we met in 9th grade in high school. well this smmer we spent A LOT of time together, damn near every wk.end he and other's were at my house and i had this girl i called my "bestie" who i met at the same school around the same time. anywho she was always there too (at my house during the summer) i mean we damn near did everything together. tj started telling me stuff like "its people who don't like you, or is threatened by you because of our relationship." the type of dude that keep a lot of ppl at a distance but will me he was very, very open and actually let me into to his "world" in a sense & he will tell anybody in a heart beat "i love Jazz" and so this has girls thats feeling him, feeling some type away towards me and i never knew who he was talking about, i found out about one other girl.. but something told me to keep my eye on this girl who called me a "best friend". it was just lil situations and lil stuff that was happening that had me like damn, and i started putting two & two together. needless to say me and the girl isn't friends at all for several reasons.. it's just crazy how females will act over a dude.. you will lose great friendship's (or what you thought was great in the beginning) over something so dumb.. the crazy thing for me is tj isn't my boyfriend we just really, really close but i guess it's get under chicks skin when they know i'm closer to him then what they will ever be.. & that's NOT my fault.. I'm just simply me..

    this post def. brought back some memories of this past summer.. but the scenario your talking about i def. agree the "best friend" was def. in the wrong first because that suppose to be your other half, you tell each other everything and she pulls that shxt.. so not cool. & then you will just have to kick his ass to the curb. lol

  2. ps: sorry for writting & story keys! lol ;)
    love you mama!

  3. its okay! haha i love you too mama! haha :] but wow your situation is pretty crazy esp considering he wass jsut a really close friend BUT girls are trifilin as hell! you gotta watch every last one of them closely they wait for the sec to stab you in the back. at least both of thoses snake ass bitches arent in our lives no more right ;)