H1N1, tata feeling, music confusion, and award accepting <3

I take it that everyone’s been waiting for me to update them on what happened when I went to the doctors because you all love me and shit right :]. Well I went and once again had to be masked up because my cough and shit and of course my doctor comes in and does the whole examination and shit which made me think back! every time I went to my doctors and he had to check me using the sthesicope he always did it on the outside of my clothing but when I went to the walk in clinical on Monday he was all up under my shirt all over my tatas and shit… so did he cop a free feel or what? Anywaysssss. I get checked out and turns out I have a mild case of H1N1 with complications along with bronchitis and a throat infection.. figures right? the worst that can happen will! So I’m off both school and work until Wednesday in hopes I’ll be better by then. Its really taking a toll on me because my body aches are getting a lot worse and I’m always tired and when I take the medication of course it makes me even MORE tired which mean 90% of the time ( when I have the chance ) I’m sleeping.

I ended up changing my blog last week sometime I’m sure you’ve noticed its my baby all over the banner. I love him! Isn’t he just a cutie pie? But for some reason my music player isn’t working so I removed it meh. I’m slowly very slowly adding bits and piece of random shit on my blog until I’m completely happy with the outcome. Speaking on music I realized that I always LOVE songs at the wrong time. Like I love breakup songs.. heartbroken songs.. falling apart songs.. and that jazz when I’m in a relationship like now I’m obsessed with all depressing sad when I’m so in love! and whenever I’m alone and heartbroken I adore “love-y” songs.. isn’t that weird? Is it just me or what?

Sylvia created an award to show her appreciate to her followers & I think its real sweet! And the award is colorful and cute! And she gave me one :] thank youuuuuuu again! Her blog is amazing and she’s a wonderful photographer be SURE to check her out & follow her. Im of course gonna give the award out to some bloggers but I’ll do it in a later post <3


  1. I hope you get better hunni!!
    ps: i'm the same way when it comes to the songs.. i thought it was just me..

    love you!

  2. aw. I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you get better. and your boyfriend is cute ^_^

    congratulations on the award.

  3. jasmine: i thought it was jsut me too LOL isnt it stupid & weird the way that works out?

    elizabeth: thanks mama! and ohhh thank yew on the bf comment >.< !