bus hike & the good old days.

Sundays are always boring I did absolute nothing but lounge around today! I was watching the news and ugh! Bus fares are going up to $3.00 ( for JUST a one way ticket ) as of January 1st which means for a months pass it’s gonna run me about $126 just when I thought $109 was too much? UMMM.. I’m way to broke to even ride the bus which is just ridiculous! Life shouldn’t be this way lol ! many people ( I should have been one of them but I didn’t think about it ) were out purchasing the tokens that are selling right now for $2.50 each and the TTC assholes did a public service announcements because of the people hoarding the tokens they’ve already lost over 1 million dollars ( in future purchases ) so they’ve immediately taken all the tokens out until January 1st and put in a temporary ticket that’s only good until the price hike.. I MEANNNN even when you find a way to try and get ahead these bitches pull you right back down LOL. The worst thing is because the TTC is such an essential service no matter what kind of price hike they pull they’ll still have million of riders a day. FUCK! Including poor broke me :[

I had an interesting 3-way conversation today! With my friend Fatty and Dre ( and it was actually civilized ) haha normally when me and Dre have a conversation its always heated and annoying but today was nothing but laughs. We basically sat on the phone reminiscing about old times and making fun of each other for the things we used to do. I swear I miss the days when we all stayed together even though sometimes it was heartaching and other times nothing but arguments the good will always outweigh the rest! Where did I go from there? I mean it was just like yesterday that we’d spend endless nights drinking and smoking and partying until we passed out on the floor. Or the times we’d play random games and tell stories until the next morning. The random missions.. Just the good old days! I want them back.. like NOW.


  1. bus fare always going up.. i believe it's $3.00 here in buffalo as well. they be doing too much with these prices.

  2. i'm like gonna go broke paying for this shit no lie! its fucked up.
    bt i have a plan YES i have a plan to save moneysss.