The Boyfriend Takeover PT.4 (Its Hard To Sleep Alone)

Its Late..Im Tired But i Cant sleep Because im Thinking About Her.She Made me sleep Alone to Tonight Because Of arguement after arguement these past couple of nights about me being petty.YES being very petty and being angry at her night after night for absolutely no reason.Something sooooo small can turn into something soo big with me.

Me:Baby ?
Her:*on the computer Typing and reading away*
Me:Baby ?
Her:*still on the comp typing and reading away*
Me:Baby ?.....
Her:*Still on the Comp typing and reading away....Huh Baby ?

A scene like that can make her angry because im angry then it can turn into a big fight about something COMPLETELY off subject of what the initial arguement was about.*if that shit makes any sense* Then i will be dead silent for the rest of the night which causes her to go to sleep alone.Almost like her man just left her there without holding her and kissing her telling her he loves her.. despite what arguement that took place.But because of some petty small shit i had a problem with, i couldnt even do that.Now stuff like that makes me feel like my stepdad with my mom..Even tho this is not as extreme...the nigga would say the most cruel hurtful things to my mother then just leave and i would watch her fall to sleep without saying a word that shit use to hurt me so bad and i would NEVER EVER do that to my girl. my girl is the most gorgeous woman i have ever seen and i love her so much and i would never hurt her,i would die for her and give my last to her.But as of lately ive just been taking alot out on her for no reason AT ALL,i dont want to be another add on to her stress i want to be her drug she comes to for that hit to escape whatever shes going threw but i was more concerned on tryna hear what i wanted to hear and if i didnt hear it i just wouldnt speak and leave her cold having to force herself to sleep.

Dear baby
You Know i have the biggest ego ever and i always feel like i have to win and i have to have the upper hands on everthing.Baby you know im a trash talker,Shit starter,Bully,Etc but mama with you im different im this soft nigga who loves you so much and i cant get enough of you,im sorry for what i said last week and annoying about that situation this week. But Baby You Can tell me anything fuck that,fuck what i said last week..and fuck that otha nigga he not a G like me...im sorry for this Horrible week and i promise you next week i will hold you kiss you and love you the the queen you are when you come from work,school,Anything.Sleeping alone sucks,but youve been doing it every night this past week because of my Negro antics and im extremely sorry for that chunky mama.I promise i will make it up to you and i kno you have every right to be mad at me.Only thing that sucks is that Mothers in town and i was telling her alot of things about this special girl i wanted her to meet and telling her all about you and you postponed talking to her.Baby that really hurt honestly..but i understand that you are very upset and dont want to talk to anyone. Anyways I Love You Baby From The Bottom Of My heart.


PS.Im Sorry for takin up the whole damn page baby

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  1. i love you baby.
    you make me cry! lol grrrrr! but we both take things over board were so similar and it clashes sometimes but at the end of the day we love each other moooooreeee! you are the beeeeeeeeeest baby and i loves you so much! x 1000. forget about all the fights and the stupid bull cause were alright. we love each other thats all that matters. even when we fight it fucks up my entire life! haha in every way.. i cant sleep.. dont wanna eat all i want is my little baby! i mean every relationship has its fights and problems and the strong ones survive and let it build not break them. and thats exaclty what we do baby. o in the end baby jsut hold on and we'll make it through the rain together. i love you forever <3