body achessss :[ plus my phones fucked!

I’m possibly the most sick I have been in a while. It got real bad that I went to a walk in clinic and had to be all masked up and shit lol . Anyways turns out I have a viral infection and got antibiotics for it. The doctor gave me amoxicillin and in three days I should start to feel better? Negative (of course) now I’m off school until Friday because of the whole H1N1 shit going around they don’t wanna take any chances and blah blah blah. It’s Wednesday and my family doctor has no open spots until Friday but what else is new? Hopefully the body pains pass but I really can’t deal with how tired I am its crazy. I get real drowsy and lightheaded and then a bunch of sharp pains rush to my head and I just need to sleep (literally sleep is all I’ve been doing).

I have no luck with phones LOL. My phone started deleting messages before I get to see them.. Not letting me answer calls etc etc. I called my phone company and they said I need a software update to fix the problem I did that and guess what? Yup my whole blackberry got wiped CLEAN. Not in a good way either I lost all numbers, pins, pictures, emails, files… EVERYTHING. They had to walk me through a reinstallation of the OS on the blackberry for it to even turn on and after 2 hours it finally worked BUT today I wake up.. There not internet browser.. I can’t open any text messages.. Everything is written in capital.. I can’t send a BBM basically the phones gone to hell ever since the upgrade. NOW today when I get the chance I’m gonna have to downgrade everything back to the original software and hope that fixes it .. If not.. idk? Until then my text msgs are piling up and BBMS are coming in and I can’t respond to any.. aint that a bitch?


  1. Ay. that must suck! i would be going crazy!!! well hang in there, and if its T-mobile, harass them! they'll even give you bonus minutes :)

  2. P.S. sorry your sick. i am exactly the same way. hopefully we get better :)

  3. My BB was just acting like that like a wk. ago. i lost all pics, bbm pins everything so i was extremely pissed.. it kept saying i needed to format my media card or whatever but when i tried to it just frozed. but it's working fine now. & i hope you feel better hunni! being sick sucks..

  4. i wihs it was Tmobile caus ei could use some extra miutes lol and doesnt i just suck elizabeth?

    ahh jas i dont know what im gonna do! im gonna mess aroudn with it tmrw and hope that something works out in the process llol and thank you!