hello world, goodnight world.

49 days of 365

I’m in love with this project ( if you cant already tell ) EVERYBODY NEEDS TO DO IT! I just don’t wanna reach the point where I get tired of it lol although I don’t see that happening. But when it does PLEASE someone tell me keep going? K. good! I’m 49 days in and I think it looks b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna print the pictures out month by month and either frame them or scrapbook them.. I have no clue yet.

I was gonna post about how down I am but I guess that shit gets old fast and I know no ones tryna continuously read blogs about me bitching and not doing shit to change it! I woke up maybe half and hour ago and was having a long ass text-convo with y friend and volia! of course my blackberry fucked up and deleted ALL the messages.. So much for that right? I really just need to say fuck phones and cut it off completely cause all phones.. At least with me just fuck up.. no matter what! Anyway. I tried sleeping and it didn’t help at all so now it’s 230AM and I’ll probably return to sleep right after this post I just feel like overall trash. Ugh.

I walked in class not knowing if I should do the exam today or Monday but we HAD to do the practical part today which was easy as hell.. A little too easy. The written part on the other hand we had a choice of mon. or today and I figured hey.. Why not get it over with YES with the “I bet ill wish I did it Monday after this” but that shit was easy as hell. I basically shat on the whole class =]

Considering how poor our services ( internet, home phone, digital cable ) have been lately we’ve been looking to completely switch providers BUT the main problem was where we were located. Until today we got everything set up and as of December 2nd everything’s changing FINALLY. I mean .. It works if you get your moneys worth right?


To do.
My sisters bday CDS.
Bday+Christmas shopping.
Fix my schedule.
Open a NEW bank account.
Respond to work emails.
And a lot other shit. But that all can be done this weekend cause my pillow now talks. Goodbye!


  1. your photography skills are on point!! so many beautiful pictures!

    i love you keys.

  2. i despise you! in a good way. your an awesome photographer :)

    ggreat job!

  3. thank you jasmine baby!
    and elizabeth you are amazing so hush! <3

  4. i LOVE your picture! what kind of camera do you use? & that little girl is ADORABLE.