you are........ NOT the father ! hahaha

I mean the shows completely addictive! Right? I mean who doesn’t like watching men get caught lying? Women who don’t know who their baby daddy is? And out of control teens? EXACTLY. Is it bad that I can sit here and laugh at the expense of their “misery” lol I think not cause why else would they film it? What I never understood was does every idiot guy think they’re gonna go to the Maury show and beat the lie detector test? Or magically it’ll “not work” because they go up there and put it on their lives “I would never cheat on you.. I love you” then Maury comes with the results “Tyrone has cheated 34 times with 6 different women” LOL I mean the girl gets all shocked butttt why? You brought your man their knowing he was cheating so does it matter that he cheated with 6 men or 1? I mean he still cheated right? The number doesn’t make it ANY worse cause he STILL cheated. It just makes it sound worse. Haha isn’t it just classic when they try and say the lie detectors wrong? LOL bwaha.

& How shameful is it that you have no clue who your baby father is? I mean I applaud the very few females who go on the show because the man doesn’t believe the baby is his and ends up proving it is. BUT what is this world coming to? “I’m 99.9% sure you are my baby daddy.. It can’t be no one else” and they talk way too much shit so your like oh yeah this guys gonna look stupid! But NOPE. Turns out that same chick is the one who has to come back 4 times with 8 different dudes. What I think about is do the girls just bring every dude they sleep with? Or do they bring the ones they slept with AROUND the time they got pregnant? Cause I mean its common sense to do that … but you’ll see girls on there testing the 16th man? Wtf. Get it together ladies! Damn.

Excuse the Maury rant this shits on for 3 hours so yeah.

I’m tired of being sick! This shit is killing me :[ I can’t sleep properly and my body aches ugh. Just overall bad. But I mean I’m not the only one literally my whole family is sick INCLUDING my boyfriend. It’s the change in weather honestly mother nature needs to get her shit together one day its hot next its raining then the next day it feels like its about to snow! Yesterday I took my niece outside to do her homework which was to collect things she finds outside :/ ( I wish my homework was still like that! ) But it was FREEZING by the time we went inside our fingers were ready to just fall off. The biggest thing is my not being able to sleep I was up the other night while my boyfriend was sound asleep and I watched the whole season of Kourney & Khole take Miami ( which happens to be funny as hell! ) this was at like 4AM ! It’s ridiculous.

I’m sticking with my project 365. I took off the two pictures in the old entries cause I changed the way ill post it. I’m gonna post it week by week in one big entry! So every Wednesday will be a picture post. I’m really gonna try and stick with it because the end result is gonna be amazing. BUT its 365 days I’m on day 5 LOL I have a long long long way to go. I need to find some bloggers who are doing it too so I can have that extra inspiration? I guess you could call it. Speaking of projects! I do this A LOT but never end up sticking with it and that’s healthy eating. Man that shit is hard honestly. Especially because I love food! And majority of it is bad food! But I’m gonna do research YES research! On ways to eat healthy but taste just as good. I love salads and fruits BUT I’m not like a grab a carrot and eat it type girl lol and I really need to start doing just that. But I’m gonna do it ! yes I will! Just not yet haha actually I’m about to make cupcakes ! :] how bad is that? Lol


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