cause once im up there's more precipitation.

It’s literally been raining all day and it’s so beautiful & calm. It’s perfect for some candles and a good nap. That’s exactly what I’m gonna do until my boyfriend comes home. My sister had me on some serious missions today. She was at school and ended up locking her car keys in her car ( how? I have no clue lol ) and her cell phone was dead and she took the chance of using the last change to make a call on the pay phone. What’s funny is I normally would never answer those calls but something made me pick it up today. I had to travel on the cold empty bus not knowing where to go to drop her spear car key. BUT I got there in maybe 25MINUTES thank god. Only because it was rush hour and buses run smooth as hell. Mission accomplished.

One thing I can’t stand is my brother. Like seriously he has every little thing that I despise in a person. How could this happen? I used to think he did/acted that way KNOWING that I hated it but it’s just the person he is. ONE. he’s completely disrespectful and I know he’s only 15 years old BUT he thinks and acts like he’s a grown man. By the time your 15 you should know how to speak to those older than you and he doesn’t. He thinks everything revolves around him and he’s a king or some shit. TWO! He’s the most unappreciative creature known to man. No matter what you do or try to do for you he always wants more more more. You’ll give him your last penny and he’ll be like “that’s it”. Or you’ll do something knowing you shouldn’t have and won’t even get a thank you or anything. THREE! he always has to find someone to blame aka he never can own up to anything he does. I can’t stand that I mean if you lost a key how does it come back to being any one but your own fault? Like today he I guess lost money or misplaced it so he walked in the house “who the fuck took my money?” I mean if YOU lost something it’s YOUR fault not anyone else’s. FOUR! he can never do anything unless he’s getting something in return. You can be sick as hell and ask him to run to the store for you and he wont go unless you buy him something or unless he’s getting money for it... smh seriously!? It’s disgusting. And FIVE! he expects everyone to do shit for him when he never reaches or tries to do anything for anyone else. Like how can you expect someone to put themselves on the line when you know you won’t? I really came to the conclusion that yes he’s my brother and I love him as a brother but as a person I despise him. I can’t stand him. If he wasn’t my brother I wouldn’t have any reason to talk no wait even look at him! It’s that bad. And it’s only getting worse.


  1. sorry to hear about the keys! I know that must have sucked. I love this picture!!! I see the project is in effect.

    *I'm following you on twitter now. I didn't know you had one!

  2. yes full effect! and i plan to stick with it lol
    ohh i do have one! ill follow you back <3