part 2 of a fucked up night !

I got all the details on my drunken night. Basically what started off good ended up with me butt ass naked. HOW? Well I will tell you. A little “get together” turned into a full blown party outta nowhere. Fatty, Steph & my sister gave me the run down on what they remember haha from the start there was a dude named Shawn? Or Sean something like that who was stalking me literally peeping around the corner and shit.. he was all pushy and demanding on tryna dance with me ( which wasn’t gonna happen ) fatty ended up getting annoyed and cussed his ass out and he tried to get brave and step to her so he had to be walked out by some dudes there LOL. ANYWAYS me & steph ended up going back to my house to get some trees and right as I get home I puke everywhereeeeee. GROSS! That passed and we went back to stephs house and again these dudes were on me.. I guess they thought because I was drunk that they were gonna get lucky? PSSSH think again. I make sure I surround myself with people who got me when I can’t handle myself. ANYWAYS it was a night of a lot of puking and a lot of dudes tryna spit game just an overall F-A-I-L ! Oh yeah and how I got naked was fatty brought me home and took me out my clothes & tried to get me to put other ones on but she said I was telling her that I have to sleep naked LOL so she tucked me in and left :] awww I love her. There you have it.. Story of my life getting wasted then never remembering it the next day.. But I promise I refuse to get this drunk again haha =]

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