late night shifts leave me with random thoughts.

My sister woke me up and dragged me on some serious missions and made me forget my damn phone! So I’m here at work phoneless doing desk work well lol kinda. I mean its 10PM and I finished what I need to do and I’m here till 2 so I got time to kill! I’ll hit you with random shit that’s on my mind. Ready?

It’s very evident that I have one of the only real guys as my boyfriend. I meannnnn! He’s everything any female would ever want! He has every characteristics of a real man and then some. So it’s a given that he makes sure that 24/8 I’m always good and happy. BUT its impossible living my life for shit not to happen to make me down/upset but I can always count on him to change all of that. I love that I have someone to turn to when the whole world turns their back on me. Thank you baby! Ily.

I finally went and straightened my whole school situation out and I re-enter on November 2nd which gives me a little over a week to just relax but after that I’m gonna take it VERY serious. Its time to get my shit together and do shit for me for once. No more just pushing everything I want aside to let someone else get there’s. I already have the first two books I need so I really don’t have to stress about paying for anything but bus fare for now... FOR NOW! I did a little shopping today for kitchen items LOL you know that slap chopper? Man that shit is the shit! If you cook a lot I recommend that. You just put whatever your tryna chop inside and slap that bitch and boom! It does all the work for you! And you know how Wal-Mart sells all that “as seen on TV” it only rand me $9.83. I ended up grabbing a dinner set & silverware set. I don’t know about you but sales are B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L

I’m proud of myself. Because yesterday I was put into a situation where normally I would blow up and shit would turn ugly quick. BUT thankfully I thought before I acted and kept to myself and now that person is paying for the consequences and I’m on the other side. It took A LOT in me to hold back from reacting but in the end everything works out how its suppose to. Isn’t it the funniest when you say something like “I can’t wait till they crash and burn.. “ or “karma will come around” and not even a few hours later that’s exactly what happens? Its just common sense treat others how you wannna be treated. Because it’s always thoses same people you come back to when you need shit.. ALWAYS.

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  1. hey keys. I'm glad you have one of those boyfriends. their hard to find! sales are AWESOME. I enjoy them too and I'm glad you're gonna be back in school ")