if it’s not your business stay out of it.. or not.

I really have to get a lot of shit together. I’ve been sick so I missed a lot of work & school. Honestly with school I don’t know what it is but I’m just not feeling it. I know everyone gets this way sometimes but there are times when I’m just like whatever I’m not going. The thing that’s fucked up is I never have a valid reason? I mean I’m not giving excuses or anything I’m just simply saying I don’t wanna go. Which isn’t cutting it. I really have to make a BIG turn around and figure out what I wanna do and get to it.. this slacking off business is not getting me anywhere. Basically I have a check list of what I NEED to do and seriously I need to do it.
Get back to school (regularly.)
Fix my work schedule
Eat healthy***

EAT HEALTHY! More so just to stay healthy! Damn and well I really need to lose a couple pounds... well more than a couple but whose counting? But temptation is literally all around me. If I really want something I can do it I promise it. But it’s different with eating... very different. I love healthy foods well some of them but I cant seem to put them in my daily routine. I guess because they aren’t as convenient as junk food? BUT I remember watching something (?? Idk what) and they were saying to take something you love to eat that’s not good for you and replace it with something healthy.. Umm like chips replace that with butter free pop corn or if you wanna munch on something try celery & carrot sticks. I have to make it convenient so ill be able to stick with it. I swear when I’m in my healthy mode I feel so much better. I’m not as cranky.. Not as tired.. And I just feel a lot more energetic. Man I’m GONNA do this. watch!

Now on to the real shit.

I know EVERYONE says “if it’s not your business stay out of it” cause I say it myself but at the same time I make exceptions and I happened to be in a situation where I had to make an exception. There’s this dude named Kyle and his girlfriend Amber. Kyle is 17 years old and amber is 14. They’ve been together for 2 years she trusted him even gave him her virginity ( stupid move.. but yea.) so anyways.. Recently a girl named Megan started coming around 21 years old. Knowing Kyle has a girlfriend she still proceeded to mess around with him I mean literally and felt no way about it ( trifling ass females these days). Soon enough news gets around and Amber breaks up with Kyle and she’s torn apart.. THEN Kyle and Megan becomes an ITEM.

Amber is now broken hearted.. Hurt.. Betrayed.. Lied to.. And all that
Megan is now a trifling ass lying hoe. 21 Messing with a 17 year old
And Kyle is a guy. PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

Me being the person I am I approached Megan asking her doesn’t she feeling ashamed for what she’s done? She goes on saying she didn’t know Kyle had a girl blahblah which is a LIE. She was all scared and started crying. I coulda been a complete bitch to her but I was just asking her a simple question.. I did tell her she’s a hoe if she knew and if she’s really didn’t it was all on Kyle BUT I know she knew. She’s just a trifling ass bitch lol in my eyes. I mean theses are the type of girls who fuck around with guys who have girls and then EXPECT that dude to be faithful to them.. like are you kidding me? Karma a sweet batch and she’ll feel it 10x worse than amber and then I’ll laugh :]. I really considered this being an exception for me to add my 2 cents in BECAUSE the girl is 14 years old and this piece of shit fucked her over. Such a shame. Such a shame.


  1. baby stay out of white folks buissness...honestly

    I love you chunky mama

  2. LOL hush it baby.
    i love you too ugly face<3