in any form, i’m givin’ you sweet dreams

I know everyone knows how fucking fierce Rihanna is... right? I’ve never really been a fan of her music quiet honestly she annoyed the fuck out of me. Yeah there’s the odd song ( ps, I’m still not over you, cry, rehab ) that I actual like but majority of her shit is ass. But you cannot deny that this girl has come a long way from that belly top shit to being able to pull ANY look off. I swear there’s maybe 1/10 outfits of hers I can’t mess with but majority of the time the girl looks amazing. Just for that I’m really tryna give her a chance but just seeing her face makes me ugh. Gag? A little? Lol and I swear I’m slowly tryna listen to more music of hers and shit JUST for the fact that she’s fierce as hell!

Literally I’m not the type to be like “she’s ugly” damn well knowing the girl is beautiful/cute. Unlike some hating ass females! WAITTTTTTTTTTT. Don’t you hate when you’ll be with a few of your friends and a girl will walk by and she’s cute as hell looks good but the ones your with will say some fucked up shit like “she aint even cute” or “look at that weave”. And it’s ALWAYS the ones who have no right to talk! Why is that? Why cant females give other females credit where it’s due? Why hate when you know the girl looks good! They make it their mission to point out a flaw like “her left eyebrow is thinner than her right” mannn! HATER! Straight up. I guess it makes them feel better about themselves? Lol which is a shame. I mean it’s real sad when one has to TRY and put another down to feel good about them damn self!

Seeing how its Sunday and all im about to go read some post secrets which I LOVE! It is thanksgiving and Ill have a post about that later tonight or tmrw probably. its about time I do thank the selected few people who actually mean something to me :] and its crazy cause it literally is a VERY few. But it’s a plus cause i don’t keep shady people around. Im way to cut throat anyway if I feel disrespect or crossed I wont sit and take it ill make it known and make sure it don’t happen again lol.

I have the most messed up “anatomy” known to man. First off I have a irregular flow which I DO have to get checked up on I really need to get around to doing that just to make sure its not something serious. Ill have my period for maybe a week every 2-3 months? But then sometimes ill have it twice a month. But I have it very little and its never heavy but its CRAZY pains and I guess its because I don’t get it as often. The pain becomes unbearable. THEN my white blood cell count is low so when I get sick or (knock on wood) was to get a disease my cells wouldn’t be able to fight it off like the normal bodies would. Thank god I haven’t had to deal with that and I hope I never do. BUT being sick literally all the time isn’t anything good :[ I mean im sick right now lol and its hell! Cause I hardly can get a good night sleep.. this shit needs to just past.

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