ignorance is love and I need that shit

I changed my blog! Like its normally always light colours and a whiteISH background now I went all black errrthing! And of course my boyfriends hating! But I love it ;]

My family is HUGE. I have a lot of uncles, aunts and cousins and most of them are young girls. Me being the only child from my mom I have another side that my brothers and sisters really don’t consider. My cousins Rochelle is 14 years old and she just gave birth to her son on September 23rd. when I first found out she was pregnant I was SOOOOO mad. I’m way to over protective of her she’s my baby. It’s still hard to believe that she has a baby now. Both my aunt and uncle told her it’s either an abortion or she’s out the house. And being 14 what decision do you think she would make.. Yeah me too. But she left ended up getting her own place and becoming completely independent. When you see her hold the baby you can see the love in her eyes. Almost like it was meant to be.. Like she was destined to have him. I’m extremely happy for her I just wished she waited a little longer but regardless she knows if she ever needs anything I’m one call away. We ended up going to buy gifts because yesterday was her “homecoming party” and I bought her this crib that changes from a crib to a infants bed to a regular size bed it broke my pocket but its gonna come in handy for many many years to come.

While at the party I had a few ( too many ) drinks and somehow wound up drunk? Strange how that happens huh LOL. There was this chick whose name I don’t remember only SHA? Lol and she was literally tryna fuck me lol have sex with me.. Feel me up.. Whatever she was tryna do. Ever time I sat down she’d try and stick her hand up near my vag! Or if I was standing literally stick her hands down my pants! Like…… RAPE! Hah. Funny times.

My wifey is coming down today in a few hours ( around 8PM ) and were gonna spend the night chilling and shit. I miss this girl like hell! She used to be my right hand mami! Used to live with me and everything. But eventually she ended up moving into the “country” EW. Were she complains cause she has to WALK everywhere just to try and get a cab or a bus hahah! But any who she wants to move back down here which I WANT tooooooooooooooooooo. Hopefully all works out. But when me and her chill crazy shit happens cause were two sexy bitches! We always have stories for days so be prepared :]

Side note; I hate bitches who get stupid tattoos that look cheesy as fuck!


  1. haha. great post and I totally agree and the cheesy tattoos! I have a friend that just gets them to be cool. she has millions on her body now where half don't even have meaning.

    *I miss girls night out too!

  2. Ahhhhh cheesy tatoos suck...especially huge coloured ones!

    Much love x

  3. ugh! the tatts are just horrible.
    im more of a straight black ink type.

  4. ignorance to cope man
    ignorance is bliss
    ignorance is love
    and i need that shit.