hung over x10

Currently I’m in the process of trying to puke. Literally sitting on the edge of the bathtub bent over the toilet with a cup of tea waiting for the puke. This morning I woke up at 7AM butt ass naked all cozy in my bed.. How did I get there? Only god knows. Because I have no clue how I got there. What I do remember ( which isn’t much ) is I was with my sister & fatty at a party that steph was throwing. Rewind that. Around PM my sister called e and we went to return my camera ( the broken one ). When that was done we were going to go over to that lil chiney bootleg movie place you know? The one where you get DVD quality for only $2 LOL but yeah we get there and see police like woaaah basically the place got raided AGAIN! Lol that’ll shit be back in like 4 days. I’m mad cause I’m really not tryna buy The orphan for like $23 hell no. we ended up just going to fit for life and getting chicken souvlaki wraps which are amazing & I’m craving another one right now! THEN we picked up steph& fatty and headed to the liquor store. Steph bought me this wild berry vodka cooler type thing ( biggggggggggg mistake ). It really wasn’t suppose to be a party but somehow people just kept showing up and I knew about 6 of them lol. I took about 3 shots of (southern comfort) which is real sweet so it was cool and then started drinking that cooler and SOMEHOW instead of coke I was mixing the vodka with the cooler haha suddenly I’m on the balcony and some dude who was tryna talk to me the whole time is next to me telling me how good I look and then……………. It all came out and it wouldn’t stop! I was puking all over the balcony and it was purple lmao. And that’s literally all I remember. So today waking up naked I have one question lmao wtf happened? I’ll have the answers later tonight =]


  1. lol great story! I think we've all been thru that at one time or another ha hope you get better!

  2. ha. this is hilarious. i've never had that happened to me but i imagine it must of been horrible not knowing. can't wait for part 2!

  3. hahah i'm good now! :] ty.

    elizabeth part 2 IS going up very soon aka tonight. i have all the details lmao/