dream as if you'll live forever. live as if you'll die today.

I admit I’m an extremely self destructive person but aren’t we all in some kind of way? I mean day to day we do things knowing it will only hurt ourselves but at the same time we don’t stop to think “I shouldn’t do this” until the act is completely over. I mean is a self destructive person only the one physically causes pain to themselves eg: cutting? Or is it the person that smokes a pack of cigarettes in a day or how about the person who drinks until they have to force themselves to throw up? What is it? Technically what is it? Cause in my eyes we all need some type of an escape. An escape from reality when it’s just too hard to face. A time where you can just let all your raw emotions, feelings and thoughts out and smash them up making you feel like you’ve won. But in reality the same little thing we ALWAYS try and escape which we can’t is laughing cause you’ve still come up short. You’ve still lost.
I still lost.

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