The Boyfriend TakeOver PT.2

*she doesnt Know im in her shit* Baby I just wanted to let You Know That I Love You And theres NOTHING you can do that could EVER make me change the Way I feel About you.Theres Nothing you can tell me thats gonna make me feel a different way towards you im gonna forever love you the same and treat you the same.I fell in Love with YOU so i dont care about anyone are anything else but YOU. So you dont ever have to hide anything from me anything on your mind let me know mama. ily chunky mama and when you wake up im gonna kiss you and bite your cheeks for the rest of the night and watch disney Movies with you all night.ILY baby.

I Love You...Be Strong and dont Stress chunky mama..me and Leah love you.


  1. aw. this is sweet!

    I have a question. how did you do the flickr 365 icons like that? I would like to add that to my page ")

  2. isn't he the sweetest?
    i love youuuuu baby!

    it's a gadget just go to add a gadget then click the side where it says "featured" & its the third one down "flickr photostream" it asks you for your info and stuff and volia! shows up like that.

  3. Yeah it is sweet! makes me wish I had a husband at times.

    thanks I'll be sure to look into it! your project is awesome ")

  4. aww<3

    you got it and yours is amazing! keep up with it !