bet 2009 hip hop awards; my take.

Last night was the BET 2009 Hip hop awards but surprisingly it wasnt as commercial as I thought it would be. Although it wasn’t anything I DIDN’T expect. I mean it was done by BET so you can’t really ask for much. The sound was way to low and the performances were real weak. It had the feel of a rehearsal and not the big show. The cyphers clearly are the reason everyone tunes in and Budden & Em killed it along with Mos def, KRS and Black thought. I won’t knock Nicki minaj because she was pretty good minus the fact she acts like a blonde so I can’t really get into her. Overall the show lasted maybe 2 hours and had its faults while others may have enjoyed it.. It wasn’t my cup of tea.

my take on the performances.

Jeezy & JayZ. jeezy opened the show performing Real as it gets. Im not a fan of jeezy so I wasn’t into it until I seen JayZ come and bless the stage. What should have been a hype performance seemed dull but none the less amazing cause it’s HOV!

Loso & the Dream. wasn’t really anything special except for the fact loso was looking so right J the dream singing live wasn’t a good look. When they went into the “remix” it seemed like it was gonna get hype but… nah.

Gucci mane & everybody & their mama. seems like he never left the stage he was on and off that shit. He gets arounddddd. I wished he & Mario performed for longer AND he was his own damn hype man for way to long.

Luda. him performing was a surprise to me and I liked it. I LOVE me some Luda and it’s about time he gets back to making some music.

Snoop dogg. I don’t know how anyone could ever not like a performance done by this man. He’s just so smooth with it. Regardless of how ass the awards was snoops dancing alone was enough for me to enjoy it.

Soulja Boy + Gucci + Shawty Low. I mean if that’s what your into it. The performance was alright I guess. Shawty low came out looking like Mary poppins and had on some cute boots :]

Dorrough. the performance was one of the best considering it had damn near everyone in it. I still have no clue who the main dude is but whateverrrr.

I missed a bunch of stuff like the Kid N Play shenanigan and a few performances but ill be sure to catch it on the re-run and maybe even let yall know how I feel about it.

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  1. Haha, yeah Snoop always grooving like your old great uncle or something. I was just happy Nipsey Hussle performed on the "Ice Cream Paint Job" remix and in the cypher.