the other night y???

Today I worked with Angelo on my leg. I swear it was the most painful thing on earth. Many times I had to stop just to prevent myself from tearing up! And this nigga was SOOOO personal trainer beast like saying “KEYSHIA LETS GO ONE MORE YOU CAN DO IT.” I don’t think he understood the fact that I was in PAIN from the start. Dude. I’m sitting here hurting plotting in my head how to make it the end of Angelo aka kill him! Cause I hurt and I hurt bad and just think of how its gonna feel in the morning? Fuck you angelHOE.

HIM<3 (9:56:06 PM): I'll kiss it when u get home to me
Aww. See what I mean? He’s the best.
I love you.

random ass side note:
Okay Solange Knowles you’re weird and all but I truly do love that T.O.N.Y song. Maybe it’s the message behind it? Because I never really paid attention to it until I seen the video and I was just like wow… great song.


  1. i like this little song... solange album wasnt too bad.. way better than i expected but she damn sure did not have to cut her hair

  2. i thoguht about giving her album a listen jsut because of this song.. maybe i should.
    and hell NO!that hairrrrrrrr... she just looks stupid now lol

  3. btw your babies are adorable! bless them.