cradle your head in your hands, and breathe

Ever feel like your moving at a pace that’s just impossible? Like for yourself. Or that you’re just doing way too much? KNOWING you shouldn’t be? Just in general! Cause that’s how I feel. With this school and work and everything in between I leave out at 11AM and don’t get home until 2AM and come home way too tired to even THINK about the next day. I got my x-ray results back and it came up with me having a minor fracture and a bruised tibia bone and my doctor told me take it easy and try and stay off my feet. UMMM? Hello. I have no time to do that and I noticed the back of my leg feels like a muscle is stretching way to far and its burning! I’m pretty sure I’m overworking something I shouldn’t be and in the end its going to fuck me up more I know it.

Now speaking of going at paces you know you shouldn’t! Don’t you just hate it when you KNOW you shouldn’t do something because it’s going to end horribly but you still do it? Why do we do this? Lol I seriously do this way too much and then I just think wtf? I knew I shouldn’t have so why did I? I guess we have to SEE the fuck up to know we shouldn’t have done it.. That thinking it just isn’t enough or something? I’m really tryna stop this but it’s a bad habit and hard to drop! Like I know myself should breathe because I’m slowly going insane with being so tired that when I wake up I need to immediately go right back to sleep cause I’m still THAT tired. Idk what to do :[


  1. girl yes! I've been trying to move to NY for the past year. it's a mission. but I hope everything works out for you :)

  2. i hope it all works out for you too mama.