my heart’s stronger than it’s ever been

Considering I’m at work until 130AM why not pass the time with a blog? Yesterday was a real intense day/night and a lot happened. A lot that I wished didn’t but you need bad shit to happen in order to grow. My ex boyfriend always finds ways to appear back in my life even if its situation involving his name somehow he finds a way to linger around. ( and he claims it’s gonna be that way until I take him backummm hell NO! ) The main reason we broke up was 1. He was very disrespectful beyond words and 2. He constantly cheated on me. What makes matters worse he cheated on me with my cousin which brings us to what this is all about. My cousin happens to be a lying, scheming, slutty whore who has no remorse, feelings OR respect for anyone not even herself. This whore has the nerve to try and become friends with one of my BEST friends in order to get “information” on me then sits there and talks shit… thinking I’m not going to find out about it….. Is she stupid? She is talking to one of my best friends. THEN she became friends with my friend Isaac and he knows everything she’s about but still decides to be her “friend” all buddy buddy with her going out and shit. I told him it’s gonna bite him in the ass which is true. She’s known to use people to get her way! I have no reason to talk to you if you’re going to become friends with someone who makes it their mission to talk bad about me especially if you consider yourself such “a good friend” of MINES? But karma comes back to bite EVERYONE in the ass regardless. So I’m not gonna stoop to the levels of my cousin. I mean she can go out my way thinking what she’s saying and doing is gonna make me snap but in reality ill take it and keep moving. Obviously the situation made me mad but in the end she’ll lose.. Trust me. Hopefully I will NEVER have another day like yesterday it literally broke me. I went into today on no sleep but things started to look up and now everything seems better. I refuse to let shit like this get the best of me anymore it’s not worth it man.

MOVING ON! I’m stuck here until 1AM and it’s only 1033PM :[ atleast I know tmrw I get paid and I can do some SERIOUS fall shopping lol its layering season baby! Although its feeling like winter cause it’s so damn cold I can’t help but love the fall. It’s beautiful... the colored leaves, the sunsets everything about it is beautiful and I know it’ll inspire me to get out and take photos so expect some photography ( really soon) Speaking of that I’ve been tryna tell myself I need to get back to doing what I love. I haven’t went out and taken photos in a long time and I NEED to.

Mmm I’m real hungry and I can’t stop thinking about the fajita that are waiting for me at home. This morning I went on some junk binge I bought chips & dip, swiss rolls, ice cream and a ton of coke! Lol I have no clue what I was thinking but I’ll thank myself later. I’m trying to sort out my day tmrw because its going to be a busy one well its gonna be a busy weekend I got a few things I need to finish up like reorganizing all my clothes and packing away all my summer shit.

1230 doctors appt.
picking up the car with my sis.
clothes sort out.
reorganizing my work schedule.
IKEA mission! ( yessssssss )
shopping x12.

Baby, you mean more to me than anyone/anything. There’s never been a time where I had to second guess the feelings I have for you. I never once meant bad by anything I’ve said or done.. I promise you that. Sometimes I make decisions without thinking and have to pay for it later but you know how I am.. I’m crazy! I love way too hard. I turn little things into big issues, I’m overly sensitive! I talk a lot, laugh till my stomach hurts and cry till I have panic attacks! That’s me. But with all my flaws I never ever ever meant to put you in a situation where you would think twice if being with me was the right thing. You can look at me and know that I love you without me saying a word. I love you simply isn’t enough anymore.. What else can I say because I was told “ I love you “ are the three strongest words and never use them unless you truly mean it. But what do I say when I love you just isn’t enough? When my feelings are way beyond theses 3 strong words that are now simple and almost meaningless when compared to how I’m feeling. But until there are words that can match up to how I feel for you. I’ll settle with them..
I love you.

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